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How has Jean Batten influenced our world?

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Jean Batten (1909 - 1982) was born and grew up in New Zealand. In 1929 she moved to England and took up flying.

In May 1934, Batten successfully flew solo from England to Australia in the Gipsy Moth. Her trip of 14 days and 22 hours beat the existing England-to-Australia record of English aviatrix Amy Johnson by over four days

Jean Batten has influinced our world by telling us that the key to every thing is not giving up and she has shown that anyone can do something if they stick to it.

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Did jean batten have kids?

Jean Batten had no kids.

What culture is Jean Batten?

Jean Batten was a New Zealander.

Where are you from Jean Batten?

Jean Batten was from Rotorua, New Zealand.

How many kids did Jean Batten have?

Jean Batten did not have any kids.

Did jean Batten have siblings?

Jean Batten had two older brothers.

What country did jean batten represent?

Jean Batten represented New Zealand.

What age did jean batten live to?

jean batten died at the age of 72

Where did Jean Batten lived?

Jean Batten lived in New Zealand till she was around 30, then all over the world after that, apparently mostly in England and Spain.

When did jean batten start flying?

Jean Batten started flying in England in 1929.

What was Jean Batten real name?

Her real name is Jean Gardner Sean

When did Jean Batten do her flying?

Jean Batten did almost all of her flying in the 1930's

Did Jean Batten have any brothers and sisters?

Jean Batten had two older brothers.

Where did jean batten grow up?

Jean Batten grew up in Rotorua , NZ.

What is jean batten mother name?

kully batten

Why did Jean Batten fly around the world?

Jean Batten didn't fly around the world. She didcreate many record solo flights between England and Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

Where does jean batten grow up?

Jean batten grew up in Rorotua, New Zealand

Where and how did jean batten get her planes?

Jean Batten talked family and supporters into purchasing each of her aircraft.

Was jean batten a girl?

Jean Batten was a famous woman pilot from Rotorua, New Zealand.

Is Auckland Airport named after jean Batten?

Yes Auckland Airport is named after Jean Batten

What is the birth name of Jean Batten?

Jean Batten's birth name is Batten, Jane Gardner.

What did Jean Batten do?

she flew from England to Australia.Jean Gardner Batten became the best-known New Zealander of the 1930s, when she flew a number of solo flights around the world.

Where did Jean Batten come from?

Jean Batten (died in the early 80"s) was an aviatrix from New Zealand.

How old would Jean Batten be if she was still alive?

Jean Batten would be 104 if she was still alive.

When was Jean Batten born in?

Jean Batten was born in 1909 in Rotorua and first flew in England in 1931, later creating many world records in solo and long distance flying.

Is jean batten still alive?

Died in 1982. for more information i posted the wikipedia article on jean batten.