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John Cena is Randy Ortons best friend in real life...but in storyline they don't get along with each other in the Wrestling besiness

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โˆ™ 2008-10-03 17:40:49
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Q: How has Randy Orton changed over the years?
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Who trained Randy Orton in wrestling?

His dad for 6 years and then Dean Malenko took over!

Will Randy Orton beat the miz?

yes he will definitely beat him in the future. wwe will not leave miz with 3 victories over randy orton. but orton has beat miz before. 8/2/10

Will Randy Orton win at WWE over the limit?

Yer, RKO.

Who is the winner of the match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett at survivor series?

I've heard Randy Orton is going to win and The Miz wil cash in. I cannot see Wade Barret beating Randy Orton unless Cena screws him over and turns a heel

Did Randy Orton beat edge at over the limit?

Nobody won it was a count out. Edge's spear missid and he went right into the safety wall, in that match Randy orton separated his shoulder.

How did john cena win the iron match?

After getting a sneak pin or two over Randy Orton - After the fight into the crowd - Randy Then threw a fit, John was then able to get the stfu on Randy Orton - This ofcourse was after Randy tried to blow John Cena Up

How long has Randy Orton been in the WWE?

Orton signed with the WWE in 2001 and made his TV debut match against Hardcore Holly on April 25, 2002. So a little over nine years now.

How old is Randy Orton baby?

I am going to say he is about 26 or 28 no way he is over 30

When will Randy Orton lose his WWE to and who will beat him?

Triple H I'm sorry, Huge Homeless Hobo. Gets it :/ that fat sack of..... well you get the rest John Cena will win at backlash in 2008. Over Randy Orton.

Is Ashley and Randy Orton reallly dating?

No they have never dated! Randy is married to Samatha and has been for over a year and they had a baby this past July 2008.

Is Randy Orton going to win at table ladders and chairs?

The match is over and Randy Orton lost his TLC match in 2010 with The Miz because of interference from the Miz's apprentice Alex Riley. Miz is still the WWE champion

Who will be wwe champion after night of champions 2010?

night of champions is over and randy orton is the wwe champion

How did Randy Orton get injured?

Randy Orton got injured by Triple H at One night stand 2008 in a last man standing match. He went for an RKO but triple H caught him and threw him over the top ropes and then he broke his collar bone.

When Orton was in Evolution and who did he screw over?

I'm not sure, but I think it was RVD. Orton didn't screw anyone over. Evolution turned on him though Evolution screwed themselves. He tried to screw Evolution.I heard that he and some other WWE superstars wore masks and went to a night club where Evolution was and he attacked them but then Evoltuion found out it was him.Triple H wasn't too happy about it.But who really cares about him? Evolotion SUCKed. Randy was the only one keeping evolition COOL Randy orton SCREWED over NO ONE, he won the championship Triple H was jerous (I don't Blame him I mean Randy Orton was the worlds best WWE superstar, I don't know One person not jelous of the worlds hottest and best wrestler RANDY ORTON)

How old do people have to be to be in WWE?

over 18 becase randy orton wasw 24 when he became yougest world champ

Will Randy Orton turn heel?

Apparently he is going to turn heel in his current storyline with christian over the world title.

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How Have Family Roles Changed Over The Years?

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How has gymnastics changed over there years?

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Who won the world heavy weight championship at over the limit 2011?

Randy Orton become still World Heavyweight Champion.

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Who would win in this match Randy Orton or Edge?

I think Randy Orton would definitely win because he has more muscles than Edge Randy Orton is just too vicious for the Ulimate Oppurtunist. In a match Randy just has too much physical prowess over Edge. Randy's "Legacy",Cody Rhodes and Ted DeBiase, just add the advantages over to Orton's side. Not unless Vickie Guerrero, Edge's wife, tweaks the rules a bit (a lot actually) Edge cannot slither his way out of a deadly RKO followed by a career-shortening punt kick.

Does Randy Orton act?

He over act's .. He is good (skill wise) in his wrestling ablity but his acting suck's ball's and he need's to work on it ...To much OVER acting in my opinion

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