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How has electricity changed the world of travel?


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Before electricity, the most advanced form of travel was the horse and buggy. Now, we are able to travel through the air and through the sea at much greater speeds

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think about it yourself.just look around yourself and look how the world has changed

no because lots of people use electricity around the world so it doesn't travel one direction

Electric bulbs need electricity to travel through them. Then electrical energy can be changed into heat and light. In order for the electricity to enter the bulb in the correct place, it has terminals.

Many events like for example World War 1 and 2 and the invention of electricity

Since many factory machines use electricity to make items more efficiently, without electricity, we would not be able to make things at a productive rate.

electricity can travel through anything with a positive and negative electrical charge

Electricity can travel through a vacuum by physically transporting electrons and photons.

Automobiles have made it easier and faster to travel, in terms of transportation.

the wheel, electricity, indoor plumbing, birth control pills, cotton gin, ...

Nope, electricity is the movement of electrons, which are particles.

Electricity can travel throughout freely moving Electrons, like in metal which is in wires under the rubber.

Yes, electricity can travel through mineral water because of the presence of ions.

how has electricity changed yhe ways you live

Electricity has allowed people to do many jobs at night that previously could only be done during the day. It has also allowed for the development of air conditioning.

electricity ran machines such as fans and printing presses, soon it became available in homes, it helped cities to built electric streetcars and made travel esaier and cheaper

wind has changed over time because it can now be changed into electricity were as in the old time it was manly used for ship and they couldn't make it into electricity.

i would say the invention of electricity it changed everything and how we did everything

Rubber objects do not conduct electricity, neither do they let electricity travel through them.

Yes, aluminium conducts electricity.

Charles A. Lindbergh changed people's attitude towards travel in 1927.

Imagine a place with-out electricity Nothing will exist in the universe since electricity is same as to matter.

Travel and tourism has changed since 1945. More travelers travel by airplane, and there are more things to do and see in 2014.

Sound does not travel faster than electricity and is actually substantially slower. Sound travels at a speed of 761 mph while electricity is 1,860 mph.

it has changed the space travel as it was a reusable which saved money of the particular space agency

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