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We can communicate around the world. Like if your mother visited China, you can call her from that far if you live in California.

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How have modern communication transportation and technology changed the world we live in today?

Communication is quicker with the use of transportation and technology. You can talk to anyone around the world without delays.

How does technology simplifies modern life?

Technology has enhance modern life in many ways two of them being communication and transportation Modern technology has made life simpler for several reasons. Easy access to information, improved communication, and increased efficiency and productivity are the most notable advantages of technology.

What is modern communication?

Modern communication is communicating with others using the latest technology. The internet and cell phones are considered to be modern technology.

Why has culture changed more rapidly in modern times than in the past?

More technology and more things that you can do to get help. ========================= -- Instantaneous long-distance communication. -- Mass communication. -- Ease, economy, and speed of transportation. -- Enhanced standards of living ... more leisure time. All promote mixing of diverse cultures.

How have modern communication and transportation affected movement?

Modern communication and transportation has affected movement in a significant manner. Movement has become easier and faster due to the various developments in terms of infrastructure.

What are the different types of modern communication technology?

The different types of modern communication technology have helped improve communication in all sectors. Some of the common types of modern communication include text messages, social networking, email, video conferences and so much more.

What impact of technology advancement on business communication?

The impact of technology advancement on business communication can be felt and witnessed in the modern forms of communication. It has improved the speed and efficiency of business communication.

What are the Benefits of modern technology?

Modern technology makes modern people's live comfortable and easier. What can not be done before is now possible because of this modern technology.Fast Communication. Improved Travel. Medical Treatments.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern communication technology?

The advantages of modern communication technology is that it allows information to spread faster and farther. However the technology creates pollution and takes away from physical communication.

What are some of the positive effects of modern technology on communication?

positive affect...for about phones and e-mail,communication has evolved so much because of technology.

What are the characteristics of communication in modern approach?

People teach and study communication methods in colleges, especially newer methods like the Internet and television. More modern approaches to communication tend to use modern technology as well.

How have modern communications technology changed trade?

Modern communications technology has changed trade and impacted how basic trade is conducted throughout the world. It has made trade operations more systematic and organized.

What changes have taken place that make studying biology so different now compared with in the past?

Modern technology has improved tools, techniques, methods, communication, and transportation, allowing for an explosion of scientific knowledge.

How has modern technology changed in the food industry?

Cleaner and more accurate

How modern technologies have made communication faster?

what are the modren technology ? and what is communication? how modren technology have made communication faster? telegraph radio faster than messengers but not as secure so if its important communication use an armed courier or perhaps a squad

What are the various modern technology. list them?

We see modern technology everywhere now.Some of the examples of modern technology in terms of transportation are cars, airplanes, etc.Examples of modern technology in terms of health are x-rays, mri, different types of scans, etc.In similar ways, we can pretty much pick anything in life that is affected by modern technology.

Benefits and hazards of modern technology?

The modern technology has made the world a small global village. Communication between individuals from various continents is easier. The hazards of modern technology is that it is killing some cultures. It has also led to the loss of jobs.

How has modern technology changed over time?

Change in technology has brought advancement to the transport, such that it is very easy and fast.

How has modern technology affected communication?

Modern technology for the most part has been great; the thing is that today's people have become dependent on their electronics. This is a bad thing in most cases.

How does modern technology help your lives?

Communication has been made easy, where everything is just on a click of a button.

What are the effects of technology in the modern world?

Among other things, advancement of communication and expansion of economical commerce.

In what ways has modern technology such as cell-phones and ipods and computers negativaly affected todays communication skills?

electronics have effected communication skills by getting people more intent with it as the world advances in technology

The two major characteristics of the Gilded Age were?

The creation of the modern industrial economy, the creation of a national transportation and communication network.

What is the importance of tec?

Modern technology has very important fact to develop our self.By the technology we can converted through the luxury life such as use of cars, laptops,WIFI,internet etc..... we use so much technology.Virtually all the communication, data storage and everyday transactions involves computers technology.Knowledge of technology will be critical when students graduate and enter the work force. Modern technology has changed our entire view of health. Since technology has ruled the world, our means of communication has been improved to the fullest. We can now see a bigger and brighter aspect of our future. Just imagine what more improvements we can make after some years onwards. Still, technology will not work and improve without us. so technology is most useful in modern days.

How is modern technology useful?

Yes, modern technology is useful. Everything we wear, eat, clean with, live in, use for transportation, entertain ourselves and friends with, etc. is modern technology and without it life would be very very uncomfortable and likely short! If you think of each of the things mentioned above (and add to the list at the "etc."), it can be easily seen how modern technology is used and thus extremely useful.