How has technology affected tourism industry in Kenya?

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In Kenya
people forget theyre iphones etc and that more tech init
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How does technology and industrialization affect biodiversity?

Biodiversity can be defined as the variety of life, such as plantsand animals, in the world or in a particular ecosystem.Industrialization affects biodiversity primarily because the morethat people build up buildings, homes, offices this means thatusually more and more forest/tree land is being cut ( Full Answer )

What disadvantages are there in tourism for Kenya?

u Wildlife and traditions may be interrupted and disturbed. u Littering can cause trouble and even extinction for animals when they eat the litter u Tourism can be a way in for child trafficking and child prostitution. u Safari minibuses and trucks cause erosion and lots of dust. u Mos ( Full Answer )

How does tourism benefit Kenya?

Tourism benefits Kenya because it brings revenue and money intotheir country. With that money, they can provide for the citizensof Kenya.

What are the disadvantage and advantages of tourism in Kenya?

Tourism has advantages for Kenya for the following reasons: . It helps the local economy . It can, by using the gains of tourism, improve the lifestyle of the locals . It makes tourists understand and therefore learn to respect the environment in general. . It can bring more employment Disad ( Full Answer )

What is tourism like in Kenya?

Tourism is the biggest income earner for Kenya. Kenya is home to the Safari, thus when you think of going to the wild animals haven, think Kenya. The Kenya coast- the beaches is like no other. The big-five animals including the Kenya lion are a great attraction to the Kenya safari. Plus the wildebee ( Full Answer )

How Information Technology has affected the banking industry?

The business impacts of information technology, deregulation and globalisation on the structure of the banking industry is analysed. It is shown how these forces are combining to create an unstable banking environment in which new entrants and innovation are reducing the income streams of banks. The ( Full Answer )

How has technology affected the food industry?

With the advent of technology, more processed food is beingproduced by manufacturers. Additionally, technology allows food tobe shipped faster and more efficiently worldwide.

What Affects science and technology have in industrial era?

Think about the word industrial. Industrial would not be part of our vocabulary if it was nor preceded by successes in science and technology. To put it simply, industrialization is the most significant and consequential result of advances in science and technology. If nobody had ever studied to imp ( Full Answer )

Does tourism benefit the people of Kenya?

Tourism in Kenya is vital to the people, as it shares the main employment market with agriculture. It provides jobs, and is a good market with a better pay in the jobs than most jobs in Kenya. However, most of the larger sums of money go to the "Fat Cats" in America and the UK, who are in travel bro ( Full Answer )

What are the positive impacts of tourism on Kenya?

Positive : More money for schools People will learn about their culture They will learn about the tourists culture Creates more money which means more jobs will take place

What are the social impacts of tourism in Kenya?

The social impacts of Kenyan tourism can be pretty heavy. Some of the impacts include soil erosion, animals can become more frightened of people in their natural habitat, and soil erosion from increased automobiles including tour buses.

Sustainable tourism in Kenya?

sustainable tourism can make kenyas economy grow in a more better working society and it can bring money to Kenya without the savanna or anything being damaged

Is tourism in Kenya sustainable?

In some ways and in some ways not, tourists will ruin all of th natural resources of Kenya then just move on to a different country so it doesn't effect them but more people are now becoming aware of eco-tourism so might stop recking everything. x

Is Tourism a problem for Kenya?

yes and no good things about tourism in kenya: more employment more money people learn to respect the environment Bad things about tourism in kenya: littering making animals extinct people moved out of their homes because the cant afford to pay people to build hotels in different places

How technology affects music industry these days?

Technology affects music in many ways. since the time when there was only things like the simple piano or the guitar. people have found better ways to change music like amplifying the sound or changing the pitch. . many people do this now because it gives a better sound of far better choice so tha ( Full Answer )

Problems facing the tourism industry in Kenya?

what is the main problem facing culinary tourism in kenya and thesolutions to them give the answers;introduction,background,visitors,govermentpolicy,bussinesses,employees,environmentalimplications and conclusion

What are the advantages in Tourism in Kenya?

improves in wildlife conservation. helps in development of our country due to foreign exchange. boost the agriculture sector therefore enabling farmers to produce more of there products e.g foodstuffs used in hotels. creation of employment on tourism sectors e.g. tour guides

How changes in technology affect the banking industry?

Most of the bank industry is tied in with the stock market . The stock market is tied in with technology. When the first iPod came out, stocks on Apple were rising, which altered the banking industry. I always think of the banks being a base for the stock market, since that's where the money is hel ( Full Answer )

What is tourism and the tourism industry?

Tourism is travel for recreation, leisure, religious, family orbusiness purposes, usually for a limited duration. Tourism iscommonly associated with international travel, but may also referto travel to another place within the same country

How much is the BP oil spill affecting the tourism industry?

There really are no hard numbers yet. It certainly has an impact. No one is going to go to Louisiana to go deep sea fishing. But as far as I can tell, beaches are still open. I've found a few links, but a clear assessment of tourism losses due to the oil spill. Recession and unemployment are othe ( Full Answer )

Has tourism been successful in Kenya?

Yes it has. Last year,the number of both the domestic and international tourists tripled to great levels. In addition to that,an international survey that was conducted this year showed tourism was successful since a good number of people interviewed said that Kenya was among the best tourist de ( Full Answer )

Issues affecting the Australian tourism industry?

- promotion of Australia in other countries - types of visas available and costs - costs of products in the country - bad/good publication - weather. good/bad - the extent of infrastructure - the amount of entry and exit gateways - the amount of business available.. especially for business trips - ( Full Answer )

How does the modern technology affects the beverage industry?

Beverage companies can use technology to mass-produce their product instead of individually packaging them. (Factories) Also, it is much easier to advertise their product(s) taking into consideration the amount of communication mediums that are available today; such as television and ads on the inte ( Full Answer )

How does water and air pollution affect the tourism industry?

These 2 have similarities but air and water are 2 different topics. Water pollution results in aciditation and warming of water, this has major environemtal consequences, like dying coral reefs and unbalanced eco systems. Therefore certain destination will decrease in popularity, this can have ( Full Answer )

What are the challenges facing tourism in Kenya?

Tourism by definition- Is a process of travelling from one place to another for leisure or study.There are two type of tourism and these are local and international tourism.Local tourism these is a process of travelling within a country for the tours activities and international tourism is a process ( Full Answer )

How is tourism industry affected due to economic crisis?

Most travel and tourism involves discretionary (extra cash lying around to spend on anything) expenses and if people have less of it, then the tourism industry will be affected. People want to conserve their cash so they can pay for the necessities (food, shelter etc). Their holiday/travel plans can ( Full Answer )

What is the industry of tourism?

Exactly that, The Tourism industry. Tourism, international tourism industry is called, is by virtue of tourism resources andfacilities, expertise, or mainly engaged in soliciting and receiving tourists, providingtransportation, sightseeing, accommodation, dining, shopping, entertainment and other ( Full Answer )

How do new technology affect industry?

It's more presice sO it is easier for them to know what to do and it takes more of the job that can people have but want more technology is wanted so they can be more precise

How does crime affect the tourism industry?

Negatively. There will be less tourists because of the crime. Less tourists mean less revenue for the industry. Finally there are fewer services / products made. Shortly said: the industry (and finally the financial sector) will shrink.

How has technology affected the entertainment industry?

Technology has affected the movie industry in many ways. With filmsit's made it cheaper and easier to make a movie while enablingspecial effects never before imagined. With music it's changed theway that music is created with the ability to autotune voices, addin digitized music, and create an entir ( Full Answer )