How has technology impact marketing?


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Technology has made a huge impact on marketing due to the reason tracking,storing, and accessing information is easier to obtain and access.

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Digital technology has had a monumental impact on marketing strategies. In days of old, marketing was about selling to people. Now that everyone is online and interacting with each other via search engines and social media, marketers have to become a part of the conversation. Brands need to interact with individuals on a scale they never had to before. Social media marketing has become important, and constant fresh content is weighted very heavily by search engines.

Graphic standards impact marketing in that they may limit the expressiveness of marketers

ABSOLUTELY!!Technology has an impact on everything on Earth.

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Today's internet technology include some extra feature Like E-mail marketing,Viral marketing ,Video Conferencing, Bulk sms marketing etc for better marketing.

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Just as your leg is part of you so too is information technology part of technology. the meaning of impact is the reluctant the effects of information technology on technology is that it has modernised the technology,

Technology ensures that all communications are done accurately and within the right time-frame. Technology also makes it possible for marketing to be a cheap endeavor.

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As the trend of marketing has changed, the sales has also been affected drastically. The advancement in technology like online marketing, mobile marketing indeed increase the sales of a company.

Societal marketing is the marketing practice of a company/corporation putting a heavy emphasis on the total overall impact of it's marketing on society itself. This type of marketing is one of responsibility and the goal is usually to create a minimal negative impact on the general population.

The technological environment consists of those forces that affect the technology and which can create new products, new markets, and new marketing opportunities.

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e-marketing has create a great impact in the life of peoples, making easy transation.

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