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How has the cactus adapted?

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Cactus are succulent and adapted to xerophytic conditions.

A cactus is a type of plant that has adapted to very dry conditions.

Cactus are well adapted to deserts because their thick leaves contains lot of water so they don't die.

The cactus is not adapted to a lot of water so the cactus will die or dry up

it has adapted by becoming small

they save water in there trunk

A cactus leaves get sunlight and they make photosynthesis and they get water from that and they save the water

well its the spikes on the cactus

A cactus is a plant that has adapted to drought conditions. A water lily has adapted to growing in water. Each example above has adapted to extreme conditions.

Cactuses are designed in all parts to retain water, since they've adapted to dry climates.

It has thick roots that can hold in water for a long time.

cactus is a plant that is adapted to dessert life

waxy outer layer to keep moisture in.

mostly stored water, as they are well adapted to the dry desert environment.

They are just badman to look at with an attitude to match!

they are adapted from cacti you can tell if you have ever eaten or drank cactus water the hair is protective just as a cactus would use it

because a cactus is a plan that stores with water inside of it. it is possible because like never in the desert it rains but, the cactus is just stored with water.

There are cacti adapted to deserts, grasslands, rainforests and a number of other biomes.

The roots absorb water and that makes the stem grow

once it finds water, it is excelent at preserving it

no,a cactus can't survive in northpole because it will become frozen and it would die. Cactus can almostly survive in any climate. In northpole it is very cold and the cactus is not adapted to low temperatures. Cactus need warmth and in northpole there is freezing weather and freezing water, cactus can't survive in northpole.

A cactus is adapted to living in the desert because it has no leaves and a small surface area so it reduces the water loss and a thick stem to store water in a drought. A cactus has very long roots to absorb water very quickly and spikes to stop animals from eating it.

they store water in their stems,forexample, cactus plant

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