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It doesn't seem to have made too much an impact on America lately, judging from the way people dismiss Christianity. People love the darkness(sin), when the light(righteousness and Christ) is the answer and the truth. REAL Knowledge about the Lord and his ways is so rare, because people don't want to search out the truth and read the only important book known to man, The Bible. It is amazing how few really know this book. It is full of valuable information, and can answer far more than this site can. For example, someone asked on this site recently if there were any unforgivable sins. The responses were unsure. If you truly know the Lord, you KNOW the answer, without having to think about it. Christianity is the only religion where you don't have to earn your place in Heaven. Someone did that for you. Is this so hard to accept? Christianity has made a bigger impact on foreign soil of late. Missionaries and others are spreading the word and a lot of Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic societies are now Christian. What does that tell you? Christ will make himself known . Don't you think you should get on the winning side?

AnswerI enjoyed the first post. The Bible is the most popular book in the world and has sold the most copies! Christians (which I do remind some of my own Christian friends and I too am a Christian) are not meant to be pious, but to act with patience, guidance and letting each person find their own peace in their beliefs great things are possible. If you bully, become pious when none of us truly know for sure when end times will be coming then we gain nothing or misinterpret the Bible (so easy to do) then we have lost the way. From this board it appears many are interested in religion and I pity the poor soul that can't at least believe there is someone greater than themselves.

God did not want wars in His name to start over religion and we his children were meant to spread the word, but not shove it down people's throats. It's a quiet, understanding and wise true Christian soul that will listen to each non-Christian with the dignity they deserve and answer their questions, and in some cases, we, as Christians must make a stand, but learn to agree to disagree. I always remember these words from the Bible, "For those who have not sinned cast the first stone!" So far I don't see any stone throwing and that includes Christians!

There are just too many wars over religion and it's wrong and more so, it's an excuse!

AnswerFirst they were Martyrs for their religion. Then when they become "The Power", they made martyrs of other religion's followers. Inquisition, crusades, lapurga etc.

And even among different denominations of Christianity, there's much bickering and animosity.

What a confused lot !

AnswerIt may sound and feel confusing, but really it isn't. The simple truth is that each one of us has to find our faith, stand behind it, even fight for it if we are cornered (Jesus and many of His followers died for it as did other religious sects). One religion should NEVER lash out to another and it should never cause wars or unkindness to mankind. Pick your faith, be faithful to it, stand by it and focus straight ahead and it's not so confusing. It's a private choice on your part and I am a firm believer two things in this life you can't argue and gain anything by is religion and politics! ANSWERour calender is based on Jesus birth, (this really isn't the year 2007, earth is much older than that, but its 2007 years since Jesus's birth)

our celebrations are 'officially' Christian, ie Christmas, Easter, when they started off as other things (inc pagan)

April fools day was actually introduced by Christians as a way to make fun of pagans and their beliefs

the cross used in Christianity was taken from an ankh (Egyptian symbol )

the Christian 'devil' used to be the pagan god however most people know him as the devil due to Christianity changing it because of its dislike of pagan religion

The Christmas tree is associated with Christmas, as a Christian celebration, ,but was previously well known to be a pagan symbol of fertility and life

(it still is today, just not as known)

Schools have been taught only Christianity as our (Britain's) major religion for many years and its only started to change recently

Funerals here were very Christian, and still are (even with a few different options) because that's what people know and have always known

Weddings were expected to be done by a priest, minister in church

although that's different now(again recently), and you can essentially be married anywhere.

Women were somewhat demonised by early Christian religion,which has certainly still an impact today in most cultures

This includes womans menstruations (periods) women were thought to have things from demons to evil tendencies, due to the story of Eve and the apple, and were made to feel 'bad' and ashamed for having them, although the stigma is long gone now it still leaves footprints in society (ie Eve and the apple are still told to some small girls when they start menstruating)

The wedding dress is white for symbol of purity, as of virginity, a Christan ideal due to the 'Virgin Mary'

Also due to the 'Virgin Mary' virginity became something women were frowned upon for no longer having and that's another one of the 'demonizations'

Also Christianity introduced some of the first loosely based 'suffragette's', prosthesisers who talked of gods wish of celibacy which women saw and heard this they abstained from relations with their husbands etc, thereby giving us one of the first womans rights 'movements'.

Christian morals are what make up a lot of what we have been taught is be right and wrong, acceptable and not acceptable

ie sexual acts,( early pagans thought of sex as a fertility act, and a blessing, and showed mother nature their respect by having a lot of it) whereas Christians, in one of many attempts to wipe out paganism, made this a immoral act, sex is something most adults still cant properly talk about today due to this

Also, a Roman pagan (Constantine the Great, head of the pagan church) actually integrated Christianity and paganism, he knew Christianity was on the rise, Christians didn't seem to agree with paganism and he didn't want paganism to disappear, so really paganism has a lot of impact in society too due to this as well as Christianity (this is a fact not just a work of fiction from a book!!)

Christian ideals are everywhere in society

these are just the ones i know of and remember at the minute.

there is more and of course as Christianity has integrated several other religions over the years they are also affecting society

These things all effect and have affected a society somewhere,sometime and do affect society in Britain today.

None of this is meant to offend anyone, its just the info I've learned about paganism and even Christianity( I do like to see both sides and learn all I can).

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