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Q: How has woodlice adapted to their environment?
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How does woodlice react to their environment?

They are adapted to it.

How is a woodlice adapted to its environment?

woodlouse,really,wow mate, they rock.Now get off this website so I give you the real answer,OK pal

How are woodlice adapted?

Woodlice adapt to there conditions by camoflaging in with wood and bark and with there hard outer shell.

Is a toucan adapted to its environment?

the toucan is adapted to its environment.

How is a dog adapted to its environment?

How is a dog adapted to its environment

How has Chile adapted to their environment?

cacti are adapted to their environment

How have catuses adapted to their environment?

How have catuses adapted to their environment

How have woodlice adapted to their habitats?

by emerging with wood,stones,bark and old leaves

What is the background information regarding the response of woodlice to their environment?

Living in a terrestrial environment

How do woodlice respond to the environment?

woodlice can be stuck on some parts of the environment like wood for example and can spread when the wood is touching something else it is not always stuck on wood sometimes in can be stuck on other objects in the environment when it can get to it.If woodlice cant get to any other object it will stick to the same object a couple of moths or years if the woodlice wanted to and woodlice can get onto humans and if they wanted to they might bite but it is regular if they start to bite, and woodlice cannot bite. The woodlice can travel a long way.

How has the wildcat adapted to their environment?

they have lived and adapted to their environment for 1.2 thousand years and they have adapted.

Is a flower adapted to their environment?

yes a flower is adapted to their environment

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