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it has affected Mexico because when the cost of oil goes up then all the prices of gas and stuff like that go up!

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Q: How have changes in it price of oil affected Mexico?
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How was the economy of Mexico affected when the price of oil went down?

They did not have enough oil for their lawnmowers so the economy went way down.

How has the oil spill in Mexico affected reefs?

it wasnt in Mexico

Does the bp oil spill affect Mexico's beaches?

No oil has affected Mexico beaches. No oil has washed up in Texas.

How are animals being affected by oil spill in gulf of Mexico?

They are killed by the oil.

What is an event that has affected the US?

The oil spill in the golf of mexico

How have political changes in Mexico affected ownership of resources?

On the Mexican Oil Expropriation in 1938, Mexican President Lazaro Cardenas declared that all mineral and oil reserves found within Mexico belonged to the government, following the principle stated in the 1917 constitution.

Is Germany affected by the oil spill?

No. Germany has not been affected. The oil spill, as of June 18, has been confined to the Gulf of Mexico.

How many places did the oil spill affected?

gulf of Mexico and that's it i think............

What countries were involved in the BP oil spill?

This depends on which oil spill is being referred to. See related questions. louisiana, new orleans, mississippi, taxi, and taxes these are the state that was affected by the oil spill during the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.

Which of President Cardenas's policies most affected Mexico's economy?

he brought Mexico's oil reserves under government control.=]

Who is affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

Texas,Louisiana,Mississippi,Alabama, and Florida

Will the oil splill affect tourism to Mexico?

Not at all. It has affected all the US southern states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, though.