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If there is no air movement, then the footprints should still be there!

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Q: How have the footprints of neil Armstrong on the moon when there is no air on it?
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How long was Neil Armstrong in the US Air Force?

The short answer is zero years. Neil Armstrong was never in the US Air Force. Neil Armstrong served in the United States Navy prior to becoming the first man to walk on the moon.

What experiments did Neil Armstrong perform on the moon?

Neil Armstrong never did any experiments on the moon.

What obstacles did Neil Armstrong face when getting to the moon on Apollo 11?

lack of air

What happened to Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon?

he walked on the moon , did experiments and then returned back to earth.the experiments he done where was there air to breath in.

Was it hard for Neil Armstrong to breath on the moon?

The air he had with him and the pressure suit he was wearing that was fed with that air allowed him to breath almost normally.

Does Neil Armstrong have a museum named after him?

the neil armstrong space and air museum

What was Neil Armstrong's salary when he went to the moon?

I do not think they get a special salary, they only get what hey get at the Air Force or Navy.

Are there any museums or places name after Neil Armstrong?

yes,the neil Armstrong space and air museum

Was neil armstrong in the air force?

No, he was a Naval Aviator. When he landed on the moon though he had already left the Navy and was a civilian NASA astronaut.

Was Neil Armstrong low on air supply while on the moon?

The Lunar Module and the astronauts' spacesuits carried plenty of oxygen for the Moon landing, but they were critically low on fuel to leave.

What is the web address of the Neil Armstrong Air And Space Museum in Wapakoneta Ohio?

The web address of the Neil Armstrong Air And Space Museum is:

What difficulties did Neil Armstrong encounter while on the moon?

he didn't really have any problems on the moon but for the first time on the moon he said it was hard to move around because he would float into the air from less gravity.

What museums was named after neil Armstrong?

Armstrong air and space museum was named after Neil Armstrong and built where he was born western Ohio city-Bboy Flawless of Rbms

How long will footprints last on the moon and why?

In 7,000 years

Where is the Neil Armstrong Air And Space Museum in Wapakoneta Ohio located?

The address of the Neil Armstrong Air And Space Museum is: 500 Apollo Dr, Wapakoneta, OH 45895-9780

Are the footprints of human being are still present on the moon?

yes, the footprints of human beings are still present on moon. as there is lack of atmosphere on moon, there is no air or water which can vanish or rub the prints there, on the moon.

Did neil Armstrong realy went to the moon?

not rly bcz they say that the footprint stays till now bcz there is no air and atmosphere than why the flag is moving and is straight

Did Neil Armstrong have problems?

yes, he had no bathroom and limited air!

How old was neil Armstrong when he joined the air force?


How did Neil Armstrong's dad influenced Neil Armstrong?

As a kid they lived near a Air Force base , and his father would take him there to see the planes land, and take of.

Why is Neil Armstrong wearing gear and a spacesuit?

There is no air on the Moon. Without the PLSS (life support backpack, the Portable Life Support System) he would have no air or cooling. Without the suit, the vacuum would quickly kill him.

How is the American flag flying when there is no air in space when neil Armstrong put it on the moon?

Because some people believe the lunar landing was a farce, created in a basement of a Hollywood production basement.

How did neil Armstrong do air races in Cleveland at age 2?

he didn't

How many missions did Neil Armstrong do?

over Korea Armstrong flew 78 mission for a total of 121 hours in the air

Was there someone who influenced Neil Armstrong?

During Neil Armstrong childhood, he lived near a Air Force base and watched planes land and take off very often. And the desire to be a pilot started young.