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Since the beginning of time vampires have been seen as demons, going against the rights of humans and feeding on there own. Now a days

vampires are seen more like everyone else, more human.

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What is the bloodline of a vampire and were wolfs?

Vampires don't have bloodlines that are connected. Humans from anywhere in the world are changed into vampires through being bitten by a vampire. Werewolf legends vary.

How has Sherlock Holmes changed through time and in different media?

it has changed through media and technology!

How did Frankenstein get changed through time?

through cycopathic mental illnesses

Why are newborn vampires stronger?

Because they still have the fresh adrenaline running through them from when they were changed. If it's change through blood transfer (not Twilight) then its because the Vampires blood is fighting the human blood so its concentration is stronger, making the newborn stronger and faster than a normal vampire

Why do vampires sleep through the day?

Vampires can melt or sparkle when exposed to sunlight.

What are newborn vampires?

Newborn vampires are new vampires that were recently changed from human to vampire. (i hope that makes scence) They are usally out of control and want human blood really bad

Do vampires live for the same amount of time as a bat?

vampires are not real

Why are Trilobites Index Fossils?

because they changed slowly through time(:

How has art changed through the years?

It has been here for a long time

Why does Bella lose the ability to have children?

She loses her ability because Vampires body's are stopped exactly where they were when they were changed- they don't age, so she can't hold a baby inside her because when you are pregnant you're baby grows bigger with time. Vampires...don't exactly have time.Yeah, and a human female's body has to go through the menstrual cycle to have children. vampires don't change so this doesnt happen either. This is why some (human) people cant have children, because their menstrual cycle does not function properly.

What do present time vampires eat?

I belive there are no such thing as vampires. But if there were then anything with out garlic in.

How has music changed through the course of time?

it has changed pianos to records to tapes to Cd's with different types of music and sound

Do vampires live for the same amount of time?

No they don't live for the same amount of time because all vampires are not the same.

Character's interpretation of events has changed over time can be achieved through?


Are vampires demons?

Yes they are, a demon refers to anything that has evil characteristics, and, through myth, vampires are by nature 'evil'.

How has the telegraph changed through time?

the telegraph went through many stages before becoming known as the telephone.

Was there really vampires at one time?


What are What are facts about vampires?

Fact; vampires are not real. Fact, they come from ancient legends in a time where people were often buried alive. Fact, there are no vampires.

How has Washington DC changed over time?

It has changed because slavery and since the president was allowed but through technology and money it is different.

Do you see real vampires?

no you do not see real vampires i disagree. if you at the right place at the right time.

When did vampires exist?

CSchoutenvampires have been around since the beginning of time. or the beginning of humankind.

Are their different tipes of vampires?

yes, i do beilive their are different types of vampires: Australian breed: Vampires who have fangs, cant be in sun light, and are allready dead when they became vampires. transilvanian breed: vampires who have fangs, cant be in sunlight,and can be living or dead when changed. north American breed: vampires who don't have fangs, can be in sunlight, and are living when they become vampires. north American breed(sub-speicies): vampires who don't have fangs, cant be in sunlight, and must be living when becoming vampires. all vampires must take blood, and the quantity depends on the speicies.

What time do vampires feed?

at night mostly,Night time.

How has entertainment changed through time?

Entertainment has become more graphic, violent, and erotic

Did the constitution change all the time?

Yes, it has changed through the addition of 17 amendments.