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How high are the gas prices right now?

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Why is gas so much money?

because there is a very high demand for gas right now in time and the higher demand you have the higher the gas prices will be.

What has the author Diane MacEachern written?

Diane MacEachern has written: 'Beat High Gas Prices Now!'

What are the gas prices in Vancouver right now?

Right now petrol prices in Vancouver are ranging from 134.4 $/L all the way up to 136.5 $/L. Because it is offshore, prices will likely be slightly higher than neighboring on shore city and towns.

How much did gas cost in summer of 2004?

Gas prices in the summer of 2004 was about $2.30 in California. It's funny how we used used to complain about the gas prices back then. Gas prices are at record highs right now just as it was in 2004. We need to find a efficient, yet reliable alternative to gas as fast as possible.

How much the oil cost now day?

Right now present time of February 2011 crude oil is about $100 a barrel, which is high and if it gets any higher it will send gas prices soaring and add to the current recession.

What are the gas prices in Alaska?

Right now (August 2008) in some areas of Alaska, gas prices are $4.81 a gallon for regular, and in other areas like the brush and other villages it is up to $10 a gallon.

Why are gas prices rising so much right now?

Instability in the middle east causes them to demand higher prices from oil buyers over here, thus making the citizens of the US suffer from the lower supply of gas.

Why have the gas prices have gone up so much lately?

America's supply from other countries is now less than 5%. Gas prices have gone up because the amount is low and the demand is high. Also, since the gas prices have gone up, so has everything else. Food, electronics, electricity bills, etc. The high price on gas affects everything. I think America has to get off oil, and find some other resource to power our things. If we don't, we might find gas prices at over $5.00 per gallon. And it's just becoming more expensive to find oil and gas, so again, that affects the price of the gas. High demand, low amount. That's what is causing the high gas prices.

What are the gas prices in Denver?

As of May 15,2008 gas prices are around $3.63-3.69,but prices keep rising and are bound to change,usually vary now by the day...

How much do they pay for gasoline in Russia?

Right now, gasoline prices are fairly close to American prices -- there are fewer taxes on gas in Russia, but America has better distribution -- right now, it is about 90 cents a liter, which is about $3.50 per gallon. Russian gasoline tends to be much cheaper than Western European gasoline prices.

Did Obama fail to lower gas prices?

No. It is not up to the president to lower gas prices. Gas prices are the result of global factors, including world-wide supply and demand, natural disasters that caused refineries to close, as well as speculation by people who are trying to force prices up so that they can make more money on gas and oil-related stocks. A president's policies may have some effect on gas prices, but it is not the case that one person can control those prices. That said, when President Bush was in office and gas prices were high, people wanted to blame him for it; now that Mr. Obama is in office, we see the same tendency. Meanwhile, if you look at statistics from the past several decades, you will see that gas prices continue to fluctuate-- they rise and fall, and a variety of factors influence how high or how low the prices are.

How was the economy when George W. Bush was president?

Crapy like it is now, come on man you lived it, high gas prices, high every thing else.....thats what she said.

What should be real good prices for a gallon of gas compared to prices in the 1990s?

In the USA, as close to $1.40-1.50 is terrific. Most states have gas prices now (Dec. 2014) under $2.00.

What were the gas prices in the 1960s?

back then the most expensive now was .31 cents

How much does a barrel of gas cost right now?

A barrel of gas costs about $75 dollars now

Are oil and gas drilling investments good?

No. Not in this environment with the enormous inventories of oil and natural gas we have, and our weak economy. Prices are very volatile, and right now they are relatively high for the inventory we have on hand. And with a working interest, which is probably what you would have, all the expenses have to be paid before you get paid. If its a royalty interest it would be a better idea.

What are Egypt's current gas prices?

$0.65wow O.OI am in Egypt now, and Gas in $1.20 a gallon for 91 octane.

Why do people want to buy hybrid cars now?

Because gas prices are soaring

Why are gas prices rising in the us?

Because the demand is going up making the supplies go down causing there to be a more costly price for the now a little bit more rare gas. And besides, gas prices are going up? My gas prices are lower than 2 bucks! That is little to spend for the gas that used to be 3.50.

Why are British house prices so high?

Supply and demand! But they are falling now.

How much does corn cost to feed cows?

It really depends on the market prices for your area. Right now corn is quite expensive because of the high demand for it elsewheres besides for cattle/livestock feed. However for exact prices you will have to check with local market prices for your location.

What will cigarette prices be next year?

Slightly more than they are right now.

What is the biggest problem in the US right now?

Our biggest problem right now in the U.S. would be our economy. Our gas prices are going up to almost five dollars, and our jobs are hard to find. Our economy is slowing down alot. This is affecting our lives. we the people should have the right to be able to get gas for a lower price, and find a job that we like, and be able to get in. we need to try and make our economy better!?!?!?!?!?

Does smoking hydrocodone get you high?

Yes I'm high right now on it

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