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Q: How high are the levees around New Orleans?
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How tall are the levees in New Orleans?

40 feet

What systems are in place to keep a city such as New Orleans from flooding?


How much did New Orleans flood?

Various levees around the city burst under pressure of the water. Causing some parts of New Orleans to flood.

What did the government promise new orleans by putting up the levees?

The government did promise New Orleans that they will have a pumping system to protect the city.

Why man-made structures help protect new Orleans from floods?


Who was a survior of hurricane Katrina?

I am! I live in Gulfport, MS. The direct hit was in Gulfport, not New Orleans. New Orleans just happen to have poor quality levees.

Are the levees in New Orleans natural?

No, the levees are man-made embankments, built in the hope of preventing the Mississippi River from flooding the surrounding area.

Why was hurricane Katrina so disructive in new Orleans?

Because the city is under sea level and the levees did not help.

Why is New Orleans weak to hurricanes?

New Orleans is basically weak to hurricanes because the city is below sea level and rely on 140 miles of levees that failed during hurricane Katrina.

What were the artificial embankments built along a river to control flooding?

The embankments are called levees. When the levees around New Orleans failed during and after Hurricane Katrina it led to catastrophic flooding. Note that money had been allocated for work on the levees prior to that but it was decided to use it to improve the roads on top of the levees which, technically, was an "improvement" but one wonders how it would have all played out if it had instead been used to improve the strength of those those levees prior to Katrina.

Why did new oreleans flood?

An estimated 80 percent of New Orleans was under water, up to 20 feet deep in places. the levees broke

What percent of new Orleans was flooded during hurricane Katrina as a result of storm surges and failed levees?

Hurricane Katrina dealt the city of New Orleans one of its hardest blows ever. By the time Katrina moved on 80 percent of the city was flooded.