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Q: How high can bottlenosed dolphins jump?
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Where can Bottlenosed dolphins be found?


Are bottlenosed dolphins intelligent?

yes bottle-nosed dolphins are very intelligent.

What does bottlenosed dolphins feel like?

Bottlenose Dolphins Feel smooth And Have Slippery Edges.

What are bottlenosed dolphins climates?

a der it'a like a NORMAL dolphins life climent

Are bottlenosed dolphins carnivores?

Yes, they hunt and eat fish.

How high can dolphins jump out of water?

They can jump more than 20 feet high.

Do porpoises jump as high as dolphins?

Porpoises can't jump as high as dolphins because they don't have a long nose and their fin that is on top ain't as tall and not that rounded.

Where do bottlenosed dolphins live?

in warm tropical waters around the world.

What color are bottlenosed dolphins when young?

blue the bottlenose dolfin is pnk

Can dolphins jump as high as a giraffe?


How high do dolphins jump?

they could jump over a 10 foot high stickA dolphins regular jump is 5m above the water.The highest one has ever gone is 8 m above the water.

Are bottlenose dolphins threatened?

Yes bottlenosed dolphins are listed as threatened because of commercial fishing for other animals such as tuna fish

Why are the bottlenose dolphin endangered?

The bottlenosed dolphin are endangered because they eat salmon and humans eat salmon. The salmon is running out. Also bottlenosed dolphins are being illegally hunted for there meat

What talents do dolphins have?

yes they are because they can jump high in the air!

Where does the shortbeaked common dolphin live?

if bottlenosed dolphins swim together,then the shortbeaked common dolphin may swim together so try looking in the same ocean a bottlenosed dolphin lives in.

Do bottlenosed dolphins have a strong kick?

Dolphins do have a strong tail with strong kick. That is showcased in many aquariums when they perform tail-walking above water or jumps.

Does photosynthesis play a role in Bottlenose dolphins?

yes, the bottlenosed dolphins are actually the only ones that have leaves on their back. this allows them to get food from sunlight when they cant catch food

Why are bottlenosed dolphins becoming extinct?

They are not becoming extinct, in fact, they are quite abundant.

How do dolphins lay eggs?

Dolphins do NOT lay eggs they give birth to live young and, like all mammals, they nurse their babies. 2nd Answer: Wait! It turns out the dolphins DO lay eggs in protected places on the ocean floor. No, this is not the cute bottlenosed dolphin like Flipper, but the dolphin fish. The marine mammal, bottlenosed dolphin, has young as stated in the first answer.

When are bottlenosed dolphins ready to mate?

Bottle-Nosed Dolphins are ready to mate when they are about 15 years old. That does seem a little odd to a human but that is the time of life when the dolphin is ready to mate.

What do sharks do to dolphins?

Sharks in the wild will sometimes attack and eat dolphins of the smaller size such as Hectors dolphins, White sided dolphins and baby dolphins But not even a great white shark could stand against a bottlenosed dolphin when it comes to protecting its young or even saving the life of a human being itself

Bottlenosed dolphin v great white shark?

It depends how many dolphins there are if there are three or more they usually win if there is only one or two dolphins then it usually depends on the size strength and smarts of the shark

Are bottlenosed dolphins dangerous?

Yes of course they are. They're sex-driven and killers. They don't save diver's they're just playing with their corpses.

Why do dolphins jump up out of the water?

Dolphins jump for MANY reasons, spinner dolphins for instince are very energetic and spin when they jump, they jump for fun, other dolphins may use this as a signal to other dolphins that they need help with catching sardines etc. Some dolphins jump because it is easy for them to look ahead when they are higher than the sea, they may use it for navigational purposes, sometimes just jump to express hapiness and their excitement, or they may jump because they are full of energy and want to play. Dolphins sometimes use it to communicate things to other dolphins, other times for hunting and some may jump for the sake of jumping. =)To breath or for people to see them.

Could dolphins jump?

They can jump in water.