Statue of Liberty

How high can you go inside the statue of liberty?


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I think you can go into the crown. I am not sure, but that is what my friend tells me.

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You could actually go inside the statue of liberty

You can go as high as the torch

So people can go inside the statue and look outside the torch.

yes. you can go into the statue of liberty. in the crown or the torch

not anymore! since 911 you cant go inside

Yes, people can still go in the Statue of Liberty.

there is no elevator in the statue of liberty

You can go in a airplane and be near the Statue of Liberty

You can visit The Statue of Liberty anytime .

To return the Statue Of Liberty model (found high on the mountain, 1953 AD), go to the Statue of Liberty construction site at 1882 AD (10 o'clock position on the time device). Go to the small building that reads "Gaget,gauther et Cie". On your right inside is Bartholdi, the sculptor and designer of the Statue.

They dont let people go inside the Statue Of Liberty, because it is old and weak you mite fall out

go on your time device and click 1953 AD and go all the way up on the moutain top and there is the statue of liberty then go to 1882 AD and GO INSIDE the place on your left called Gadget,Gauthier,et Cie and bartholdi is on your right, give the statue to him.

they used to be able to, but after the terrorist attack they stopped allowing visitors.

get on top of statue of liberty then go to the highest spot and jump as far and high as you can

You can go to any sight and search for information about Statue of Liberty and read through it and you will find out. The Statue of Liberty is 305 feat tall from base to flame.

"Lets go see the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island!"

It gives people the sense of freedom and liberty.

they paid 50cents to go into the statue of liberty's balcony

David is carved from a single piece of marble. He is solid. Liberty was cast as many separate pieces. You can go inside her. David represents a specific Biblical figure; Liberty represents an ideal. David is located indoors, at the Uffizi in Florence, Italy. Liberty is outdoors, on Liberty Island in New York Harbor.

Because it's very fragile and may break. That's why it's dangerous and illeagal.

The Statue of Liberty is made out of copper. It was a gift from France. It represents freedom and liberty. You can also go inside it but there's no elevator so you need to take the stairs. She is 305 feet and 6 inches from the bottom of the pedestal foundation to the tip of her torch. She weighs 225 tons. The statue was finally finished on the 4th of July 1884.

yes Go on google and go on images and look up "statue of liberty"

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