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Depends on the type of rubber and amount of helium in balloon

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Q: How high do helium balloons fly before they pop?
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Can balloons blown up by mouth fly?

No. That requires helium.

How many helium balloons would you need to fly in the house?


How high do helium filled party balloons normally fly?

well one time i sent one too heaven and it got there

Why do balloons fly with helium and not with normal human oxygen?

because helium is lighter than air,therefore, when letting go of the balloon it will fly up

How many balloons do you need to make a chihuahua fly?

258 helium filled balloons filled to 34 psi each

Which makes balloons fly up in the air carbon dioxide helium or hydrogen?

Helium, because it is lighter than air.

How many people have died attempting to fly using helium balloons?

0 0

What is the difference between helium and blow up balloons?

Helium balloons are usually mylar, a metal-coated plastic film while blow-up balloons are usually latex. Helium balloons are usually filled with helium of a decent purity, while blow-up balloons basically have the same gas mixture as the atmosphere around us. A little less oxygen and a little higher humidity if inflated by humans, exactly the same if inflated by a pump. Helium balloons will fly or float in the air, while blow-up balloons won't.

How are balloons and airplanes alike?

They both fly. The only difference is that a ballon has helium to make it fly but air planes use gas to make it fly.

Why is helium better for balloons or lifting instruments?

Helium is lighter than air, hence it will rise up in air, making things fly.

How do balloons fly?

Balloons are filled with helium. Helium is a gas that can make light objects float, or make your voice all squeaky. So if you want to pee your pants laughing, go cut a small hole in a balloon and suck the helium out and then speak.

Is a engine essential to keeping a blimp in the air?

No. helium gas inside the blimp keeps it aloft. Just like a helium makes balloons fly!!

Are engines essential to keep a blimp in the air?

No. helium gas inside the blimp keeps it aloft. Just like a helium makes balloons fly!!

Which last longer helium or oxygen balloons?

Oxygen filled balloons will not fly away and the oxygen molecules are larger so they will not leak through the rubber of the balloon as quickly.

What causes hot air balloons to fly?

The hot air (helium) is thin lighter making the balloon rise!

How are hot air balloons work?

people put helium in the balloon because heileum burns easily so thats what the fire is for and thats how the balloons fly! Jacob rocks

What is helium used for?

Helium is put into balloons to help floatHelium is easily detected in minute quantites, and has a very small "molecule". So helium is also used for checking vacum and other enclosures for leaks.Helium is used in some noble gas ("neon") signs, possibly mixed with other gases.Liquid helium is used as a coolant, like for MRI magnets and such.Liquid helium acts as a study in physics for "superfluids" (see link below).To make balloons float and to make your voice high.Helium is used in air tanks so you can breathe and it is also used in balloons, but if you breathe it in it shortens your oxygen.its used for balloons and deep sea diving. helium is a light gas.making balloons flyHelium is a noble gas and has the following uses1) Nucleus of helium (alpha) are used as bombarding particles in artificial radioactivity2)Helium is light , non-inflammable it is used in filling of balloons for weather study . Unlike nitrogen helium is not soluble in blood even under high pressure so a mixture of 80% helium and 20% oxygen is used instead of ordinary air by diverse for respiration3) It is used in producing inert atmosphere4) It is filled in tubes of aeroplane tyres

How high can a helium balloon fly into the sky?

Gas filled weather balloons go as high as 25 miles. At that altitude the low pressure makes it difficult to gain additional lift, and causes expansion that typically destroys the balloon itself.

Why do hot air balloons fly?

The Helium inside of the balloon has a lower atomic mass than the Nitrogen and Oxygen cocktail outside of it.

What gas used to be used to fly air balloons?

Hydrogen, until the Hindenburg,then everyone realized that "Hey, Hydrogen isn't that safe to use!"Hot air balloons, you mean?? Just air that is hot.Actual hand balloons and such? Helium or again, just air. Helium floats better because it is lighter than the surrounding air around it. Helium and air are still used in both.

Why do weather balloons fly into the stratosphere?

Typically they are filled with helium that is lighter than air and the balloons float up through the denser atmosphere, pulling their payload of equipment upo into the higher levels of the atmosphere.

Do the elf on the shelf really fly?

Yes, they do. I have an elf and he is very nice and he does fly. THANKS FOR READING :+) They love heights especially hang gliders and helium balloons. See the pictures at

What do aviators fly in?

Airplanes. Before Right Brothers invented the airplane, aviators used to fly in hot air balloons.

How do you get helium out of balloons?

Uh...You pop the balloons? You can't mean that (at least I hope not). Perhaps you mean something like "get the helium out and save it." Pop the balloons in a confined (airless) space. Of course, then all you have is room full of helium. If you want to put it into a tank, you'd need huge compressors and heat exchangers. Quick quiz: If you're driving a truck with a load of birds in the back, does the truck get lighter if all the birds fly?

What are weather balloons used for and how high do weather balloons fly?

Weather balloons are used to send back information on atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed at high altitudes. They usually fly no higher than 121,000 ft (23 miles). But, one was known to reach a height of 173,900 ft (33 miles).