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How hot is Kenya?

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Very hot it is in Africa.

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Is Kenya a hot country?

Obviously Kenya is hot, the equator runs right through it!,

Is it hot or cold in Kenya?

hot hot hot there happy :(

Is it hot in some places at the top of mount Kenya?

Is it hot in some places at the top of mount Kenya?

Where does a lemon come from?

lemons can be grown in Kenya and other hot countries lemons can be grown in Kenya and other hot countries

Where does coconut come from?

Kenya and other hot countries. not England :-D Kenya and other hot countries. not England :-D

What is the tempreture in Kenya?

Very Hot!!

How is Kenya like?

Hot and humit.

Is there extreme weather in Kenya?

kenya does not have lot of extreme weather connditions it is really hot

Is Kenya really hot or really cold?

Kenya is really hot due to its position on the equator. The temperature does drop dramatically at night though.

What is the weather like in Kenya?

the weather is hot

Can you get wolves in Kenya?

There no wolves in Kenya, as it is too hot for them, the only animals related to wolves are hyenas.

What is the climate like in the eastern part of Kenya?

hot and humid hot and humid

Can it snow in Kenya Africa?

No it can't, it is very hot there.

What are some interesting facts about Kenya?

The continent is Africa. The capital city is Nairobi. The countries which border Kenya is Ethiopia, Samalia, Uganda and Tanzania.The weather in Kenya is hot.

Is Kenya always cold?

No. It's often rather hot.

How hot does it get in Kenya?

Kenya is located in East Africa. It is a very hot country, with temperatures reaching 93-94 degrees Fahrenheit. However, temperatures could get as low as 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is the weather in Kenya suitable for pomegranates?

pomegranate trees like hot summers in kenya, they should be protected from extreme cold and frost

Is Kenya too hot or dry for crops?

No, Kenya has a good temperature to grow crops like maize (corn), beans ect..

Does Kenya get strange weather?

yes because of the very hot climate it have

Why did William choose Kenya to propose to Kate?

Because it is very hot

What two natural hazards occur in Kenya?

well the most common hazard in Kenya are usually when its really hot or when that no food that not a hazard but its mostly to be one

Why wouldn't it snow in Kenya?

Because it is by the equator which makes the reigion of Kenya too hot for it to snow. Actually it CAN snow in Kenya and does around Mount Kenya, an extinct volcano 5,199 metres (17,057 ft) tall. The mountain has snow on its summit and seven glaciers

Why is Kenya cool even though it is close to the equator?

its not its quite hot and arid

Weather in Kenya?

it is very hot and dry there, most of the year. because most of Africa is very hot and dry and has lots of deserts.

What are Kenyas natural resources?

Kenya has a hot climate so they make coffee beans.