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Really depends on who you ask. Some people care a lot about where their stuff is made, others consider quality, value-for-money and performance to be more important and will buy from wherever they think they've found the best balance.

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Q: How important is it for mountain bikes to be made in America?
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What company made Honda mountain bikes?


How are mountain bikes made?

Basically the same as road bikes, but with thicker tubes and bigger welds.

What are mountain bikes made of?

Most mountain bikes are made from Aluminum, some are made from carbon fiber and older bikes are made from steel. Quality, weight and strength vary hugely by manufacturer with most high end bikes claiming unique methods which either reduce weight, improve strength or both.

What exactly are Yeti bikes?

Yeti bikes are sturdy bikes that are manufactured for mountain riding. They are made with stronger parts and brakes that can withstand the rugged terrain.

Are bmx bikes different from mountain bikes?

bmx's are made for trick and stunts and only have one gear & they don't have suspention they are also smaller , mountain bikes are more for terrain because they have gears and suspention and are a bigger

What type of metal are frames for mountain bikes made of?

Mountain bike frames are made from a variety of different metals. Some sturdy frames are made from titanium alloys, while others are made from steel. Lightweight mountain bikes may also be made from aluminum.

What is the best American made bike?

Your question is too broad. There are many American manufacturers. Some specialize in BMX bikes, some mountain bikes and some road bikes.

What are mountain bikes?

A mountain bike is the bicycle equivalent of a SUV or a Jeep, it's a bicycle made to go off-road.

What is important to know for buying a mountain bike?

1.You should look for material and frame of the mountain bikes (The bike made with aluminum alloy is the most commonly considerable mountain bike) 2.Check the type of brake (Disc type or rim brakes) Always go for Disc type. 3.Wheel size of the bike is another important factor. More choices of mountain bikes are here,outdoorpursuites/best-hardtail-mountain-bikes/

Are shcwinn bikes good?

Yes as are most bikes these days, but not in top road or mountain bike class. They are a USA icon but now, like most bikes, are made in China or Taiwan.

Why do mountain bikes have flatter tires with a rough tread?

For better traction. Street bikes are made to ride on concrete and tarmac. Pretty much the same terrain everywhere. Mountain bikes are made to ride on dirt, mud, gravel, sticks, rocks, grass - and to get traction on those types of surfaces you need a wider, knobblier tire.

Why is it important for racing bikes to be made of metal?

it isn't. It's important for racing bikes to be strong enough and as light as possible, and that can often be achieved by using metal in their construction. But carbon fiber can also be used.