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It is a very subjective question.

When applying to the UK you need to submit a personal statement highlighting not only your academic achievements but also your extra-curricular activities.

Many students apply to prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Sheffield etc....

It is here that your extra-curricular activities will distinguish you from the rest.

Moreover certain universities in the UK and USA offer scholarships to students who have excelled in fields such as sports etc.

Previously Indian colleges placed little emphasis on co-curricular activities. However at present, prestigious colleges place significant importance on Extra-curricular activities.

Just remember not to join too many clubs just to fill your resume. It is important to be involved in the few clubs/activities of which you are a member. Also, be sure to be an active participant from Freshmen year, not just right before college application time.

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Extracurricular activities are important for college admissions... but maybe not for the reason you think there.Your question popped out to me because you didn't ask if extracurriculars are important, but if having a LOT of them is important. And the answer to that is... NO.For some reason, people seem to think that the more “stuff” you have in your college application, the better your chances are at getting in. This is not true. In fact, admissions committees can always spot a stuffed resume, and it’s an instant red flag. When it comes to extracurricular activities, it's all about DEPTH, not BREADTH.Colleges don't want their students to be involved in extracurricular activities just for the sake of it. These activities are important because it shows the admissions committees what you care about and what you will bring to their campus community. So instead of PACKING your "resume" with 50 activities in which you are very casually involved (going to one meeting a month or...a year!), what you SHOULD be doing is figuring out what you LOVE to do and what you're passionate about. Is that art? Is it rescuing animals? Is it theater? Is it politics? It doesn't matter what you're getting involved in, so long as it is something you care about. Because when you care about something, you'll naturally want to get very involved in it and dedicate your time to it. And THAT is what the schools want to see. Pick two or three activities that you love/can excel at, get involved early, and then continue to get more and more involved over time so you can take on leadership roles and make an impact. This is going to give you lots of awesome stuff to write about/show off in your apps, of course. But even more, since this is stuff you already care about, you'll actually enjoy the time you're spending and you'll learn a lot and you'll grow a lot... and those are all great things that are going to benefit you once you get INTO college!

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Q: How important is it to have a lot of extra-curricular activities on your resume when applying to college?
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What can you do to boost your college application?

Extracurricular activities look great on a college application.

How do you answer what you are looking for in a college or university?

When asked what you are looking for in a college, you will want to answer with the types of courses you want to take and the goals you have for a future career. Extracurricular activities will be important as well.

Participating in extracurricular activities in high school help?

Strengthen your college application

Participating in extracurricular activities in high school helps?

Strengthen your college application

Participating in extracurricular activities in high school helpsn?

strengthen your college applications. -- On Apex

What are some extracurricular activities?

at UNT college. Sorry submitted it before I wrote the whole thing.

How did Ben Gordon's involvement in extracurricular activities in college contribute to his career later in life?

Ben Gordon is a famous basketball player who played in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls. His extracurricular activities in college included playing basketball which contributed by getting him drafted to the NBA.

All of the following are advantages of participation in community service and extracurricular activities except?

You can earn college credit. APEX

All of the following are advantages to attending a community college except?

Most colleges don't offer many extracurricular activities.

How important are extracurricular activities in high school when getting into college?

Extracirrcular activties are vital for college acceptance. For example, if someone with a 1920 SAT score that does extracirrcular activites might get in over someone with a stellar GPA and 2000 SAT score

How do you make high school count?

You can make high school count by putting your best effort into your courses and extracurricular activities. Good grades and extracurricular can help you get into a good college. College education can help you prepare for a successful, well-paying career.

What does extra curricular mean?

1. Being outside the regular curriculum of a school or college: Sports and drama are the school's most popular extracurricular activities.- farlex

All the following are advantages to attending a community college except?

there are lots of campus activities. (apex)

What does extramural mean?

Extramural means outside or additional to the usual courses of study at a university, college, or other educational institution, though usually connected with them, such as extracurricular activities.

Why are colleges looking at extracurricular activities as a requirement for admission to their campuses?

Because they have a bunch of teams like college football and if you are good something, they can most likely use you on their teams

What the reason of college transcripts?

College transcripts are important when trying to get a scholarship, when applying for an internship, when applying for graduate school and many times when applying for a job. People who are going to give you money, a position in graduate school, or a job, want to know how well you will do and your college transcripts will provide this information.

What are some typical designs for a poster advertising a college?

Typically a poster advertising a college will contain pictures of students smiling whilst working hard and enjoying extracurricular activities. This will normally be surrounded by a border in college colours and displaying any awards they have won.

Most four-year colleges want to see that you have participated in community service and extracurricular activities because?

these schools want to see how youll contribute to the college community outside of the classroom

What are the high school requirements to get into college?

get your diploma. but volunteering at nursing homes and food shelves, doing extracurricular activities like sports and clubs, better your chances if you don't necessarily get good grades.

Do you have to pay for college?

This depends on a lot of different factors including your eligibility for financial aid grants (as opposed to loans) and your previous academic record. If you wish to not have to pay for college you will need strong grades, high financial need, and solid extracurricular activities.

If you do really bad in 9th grade such as a 2.0 ish GPA and you do great in 10 11 12 can you go to a good college?

Depends on your extracurricular activities! If you are extremely good at them, then you can get into a good college. Otherwise, it is very hard to get into a good college, unless you study like crazy and get outstanding grades!

If you are a sophomore and you got a 34 on the act with writing a 222 on psat and you have a 4.0 unweighted GPA what else would you be doing to prepare for college?

Be involved in extracurricular activities, service, and find out what you like, then focus on those things.

What letter grade is a 2.9 GPA in college?

It is about a B-, almost a B. It's adequate to get into many respectable schools, your extracurricular activities, admissions essay, recommendations, and character qualities are also strongly taken into consideration.

What is wait listed when applying to college?

it means your on the waiting list for the college

Is mitsot good college 2 study?

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