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It is very important because the triad countries (Japan, US, countries within the EU and probably China soon which will make the triad a polygon) are major trading partners which means successful businesses in non triad nation will have to trade with triad nations. Because of the high GDP and GDP per capita of triad nations and the relatively high living standards there is a lot of demand for foreign goods. Another reason is is the high FDI into developing countries by triad nation by expanding businesses e.g. Toyota into other Asian economies or the investment from china into South-Africa which improved to improve South-Africa's healthcare, education and infrastructure and which encouraged economic growth.

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Q: How important will the triad be in the international success of non triad nations?
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What are the Importance of triad nations in promoting international commerce?

The importance of triad nations in the world of international commerce is growing and will continue to grow. The triad countries are the U.S., Japan and countries within the European Union. They are major trading partners and have high GDP and GDP per capita.

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