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Q: How is Candle said in German?
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What do you call a candle in German?

candle = Kerze

How do you say candle in German?

Candle = Kerze

What did one candle said to the other candle?

This is lit.

Young Frankenstein where did he say to put the candle?

He (and Inga) said 'Put the candle back', meaning back in the candle holder.

What is a better temp to keep a candle in?

It is said that a candle which has been stored in a deep-freeze will not drip when it is burning

What is the meaning of candle in christianity as a symbol?

The candle symobolises light in the same way that Jesus said he was the light of the world.

How is the number nineteen said in the German?

The number nineteen in German is said as neunzehn.

what is a beautiful cup in a candle?

What Faraday basically said was that when you burn a candle, you see the formation of a "beautiful cup". This cup is formed as the air near the candle moves upward due to heat of the candle.

What prayer is said when lighting the yahrzeit candle?

There is no fixed prayer said when a yahrzeit candle is lit. Psalms are appropriate (23, 121 for example)if one wishes. Mostly a moment of silence is taken so that the family can remember the deceased.

Do candles smell good?

Yes and no, it depends on whether perfumes have been added to the candle. If perfumes have been added, then yes, the candle will smell good. If no perfumes are added, the candle will smell like absoltely nothing. With that said, whether you like the specific smell of the candle it up to you.

Was the 1.6oz bath and body works candle limited time offer?

Yes it was because when I asked the clerk she said they don't sell that candle size anymore

What elements are in the candle and the air when the candle burns?

this stupid website is so awful it will not answer anything I want it to answer. All I wanted to know was what elements are in the air in the candle and in the air when the candle burns? and they did not have it I thought it said that they would give u all the answers u need but I am not going on this website ever ever again

My life can be measured in hours - I serve by being devoured - Thin I am quick fat I am slow and wind is my foe - What am I?

You are a candle.

What is the German word for job?

The German Word for "Job" Is Arbeit but it can be Said Job to.

How is firefighters said in German?

You call them Feuerwehrmänner in German. Feuerwehrmann is just one.

How do you say parole in german?

The French word "Parole" can be said in German as 'Rede'.

i am tall when i am young and i am short when i am old what am i?

A candle

Why was it important for turtle to remember that sandy brought candles for his wifes birthday in the westing game?

Because that is what Sam Westing caught his house on fire with the candle and Barney Northrup (I think ) said that it was his wife's birthday too, and that was going to be her gift. Also, that was what Sandy said when he bought the candle for his "wife"

Which would burn longer a short fat red candle a green square candle or a long thin pink candle?

This is an old joke. The answer is "Neither--All candles burn shorter." I'm locking this and moving it to the joke/riddle section. === the long thin pink one. ~Not necessarily, it depends on what type of wax is used, the thickness of the wick, and the amount of wind the candle is exposed to. The green square candle will out burn the other two. The long pink candle will burn the fastest. The green square candle. If you think about it, it all depends on the height of the green square candle, exactly how thin the long thin pink candle is, the length of the long thin pink candle, how fat the short fat red candle is, how square the green square candle is, and the time of the year. It also depends on the stuff that the person who put a ~ before their answer said.

How is thank you said in German?


How do you spell said in German?


How do you said hello in German?


What is the name for a German shepherd dog?

well u just said it-German Shepherd!

How do you beat the mission where you get trapped by the polar bear on club penguin?

i don't really know i think it envolves using a candle because when i played it it said it wanted a candle but i havent beat the mission yet

Do you light a memorial candle on Erev Rosh Hashanah?

It's not obligatory. A candle is lit if you will need to transfer fire during Rosh Hashanah. Note that the memorial prayer of Yizkor is not said on Rosh Hashanah.