Chuck Norris

How is Chuck so Norris?

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Is Chuck Norris cool?

chuck Norris is cool so deal with it

Why is Chuck Norris so bad?

Because he's chuck norris

Is Guy Norris related to Chuck Norris?

No. Guy Norris is a Manxman. He laughs at Chuck Norris. But Chuck Norris is not a subscriber to Flight International and so will never know.

Why is Chuck Norris so awesome?

Because Chuck Norris created awesome. P.S. Because he just is! (chuck norris was here)

Is Chuck Norris classic?

Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris

How much Norris could a Norris chuck chuck if a Norris chuck could Chuck Norris?


What are the four features of a limited government?

Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris, and Chuck Norris.

Who created Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris created Chuck Norris.

What are the 8 particles that represent a solid?

1. Chuck norris 2. Chuck norris 3. Chuck norris 4. Chuck norris 5. Chuck norris 6. Chuck norris 7. Chuck norris 8. Something to do with science

Why is Chuck Norris so epic?

Chuck Norris is all powerfull he is the tankliest man of all!

Chuck Norris is how tall?

Chuck Norris is so tall that his pulse registers on the Richter Scale.

Can Chuck Norris Loose the Game?

Chuck Norris makes the game lose itself, so no.

Does Chuck Norris rock?

Chuck Norris does not rock, Rock chuck Norris'

When did Chuck Norris die?

Chuck Norris doesn't die. He is a boss.Death is afraid of Chuck Norris.

Who taught Chuck Norris martial arts?

Chuck Norris is so good, he taught himself. Chuck Norris kicked a headless Zombie in the face. Chuck Norris threw a grenade and it killed 50 people. Then it blew up. Chuck Norris played in Star Wars. He was The Force. Chuck Norris slammed a revolving door. Chuck Norris doesn't have a watch. He decides what time it is. Chuck Norris doesn't have the CTRL Button on his computer. He is already in CTRL.

How do you cook Chuck Norris?

you don't cook chuck Norris, chuck Norris cooks you

How can you find Chuck Norris?

You don't find Chuck Norris - Chuck Norris finds you.

Did Chuck Norris have a stroke?

Chuck Norris Doesn't Have Strokes, Strokes have Chuck Norris!

Who would win Chuck Norris or Jesus?

Chuck Norris has said he is a Christian, so they both win.

How many years has Chuck Norris lived?

so far chuck Norris has lived for 69 years.

Who do you choose ninja pirate or Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris is a ninja pirate cowboy so you tell me

Does Chuck Norris have super powers?

Chuck Norris has so many superpowers, it scary. Really, scary.

Is Chuck Norris the win?

chuck Norris invented losing, just so he could always win...

Does Chuck Norris speak french?

Chuck norris is so awesome he speaks any language he wants.

How much chuck could Chuck Norris chuck if a Chuck Norris could not do Chuck Norris?

None, because Chuck chucked them already

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