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Chuck Norris is an American born action movie star. He is also famous for playing the lead role in the TV show, "Walker Texas Ranger."

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Did Chuck Norris cry at Bruce Lee's funeral?

Chuck Norris does not cry. He sweats out of his eyes!

Chuck Norris

Who taught Chuck Norris martial arts?

Chuck Norris is so good, he taught himself.

Chuck Norris kicked a headless Zombie in the face.

Chuck Norris threw a grenade and it killed 50 people. Then it blew up.

Chuck Norris played in Star Wars. He was The Force.

Chuck Norris slammed a revolving door.

Chuck Norris doesn't have a watch. He decides what time it is.

Chuck Norris doesn't have the CTRL Button on his computer. He is already in CTRL.

Chuck Norris

Who is the father of Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris had Ray Norris for a father.

Chuck Norris

How many bad guy roles did Chuck Norris portray?

I'm not a big Chuck Norris fan, I've only seen a couple of his films but I know that he played a bad guy in "Way of the Dragon". Through working on the movie he met Bruce Lee and really started his movie career. I think after "Way of the Dragon" he became a big enough star that he could play the hero for rest of his films. I'm not 100% sure of this as I said I'm not that big a fan.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris children?

Adam and Eve...

Chuck Norris

Where is Chuck Norris I'm feeling lucky?

you can't find chuck norris, he finds you !

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How can you locate someone you can't find?

It depends. Are you looking for someone who is still alive or are you searching for a long dead ancestor? The search methods aren't exactly the same. For ancestors, try a Surname Search on a site like rootsweb. You can also try usgenweb. If you know a state they were from, go to the sites State Pages, select the state and search from there. Or you can search the US Genweb Project Archives. Finding living people can be a little more tricky, unless you know how to go about it. I do. Here is more advice: * You obviously have to narrow your search. Assuming you are looking for a deceased relative you have to look for clues - are there family stories about this person, or their family? This might give you a starting point. Then you could try census records for that location - that would at least give you an idea of what decade you might be looking for. For example I have census records for a specific family group. Then in the following census - the parents and oldest are missing, and the three youngest children are residing at the same location with a different female with the same last name. Looking at the city directories listed the father residing at the address right up to the year before the census. This narrows the search for death records, for example, to between of the last city directory listing and the date the census was taken. Maybe an older relative might have a scrapbook with a newspaper article, memorabilia, or obituaries. A obit for another relative might list the person you are looking for with the location of their residence at the time the obit was written.

Chuck Norris

How did Chuck Norris become a Christian?

By round-house kicking all the other religions in the face

Chuck Norris

What state does Chuck Norris and his wife live in?

Dallas, Texas. But you don't go looking for chuck Norris, he looks for you!

Chuck Norris

Does Chuck Norris have a son that died?


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What do you do if you can't find the company that owns first Trust?

The FDIC has a list of all banks that have been bought, sold, gone out of business, etc. and is the best lead to finding out a way to obtain a Satisfaction of Mortgage by tracking down where the assets of 1st Trust were transferred or escrowed to. Even if a bank goes bankrupt, the Federal regulations around closing the bank are specific as to what happens to assets, liabilities and any monies left in the bank. You may also ask your title agent to use They are an online search company that specializes in this area. Additionally, There is the Lane Guide ( which is the authority on cross-referencing the successors and their current servicing location. They have been in business for over 50 years.

Chuck Norris

Why is Chuck Norris a leader?

Chuck Norris is the leader because he fights bad people

Chuck Norris

Why is Chuck Norris hyped about so much?

Because of the dearth of REAL heroes.

Chuck Norris

Where Chuck Norris lives?

In your soul.

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Can Chuck Norris resist a hot pepper?

Chuck Norris can resist anything but a mirror. He can look at himself all day long. "Why?" you might ask. Well, if you saw the most handsome/beautiful creature in the world, would you want to look away?

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What is Chuck Norris' official fan phone number?

Chuck Norris is an American actor and martial artist who was born on March 10, 1940. Norris' official fan phone number does not appear to be available. However, his fan mail address is LINK Entertainment, 11872 La Grange Avenue, 1st Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA.

Chuck Norris

Who is Chuck Norris scared of?

chuck norris isnt scared of anything u shuld b scared of him

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The only word to have 5 consonants in its first 5 letters?

Not the only one (and it beats the requirement by one letter - 6 in 6)... but Schlddrüsenunterfunktion.

Or did you want to be picky and only accept English words?

After trying to systematically work through an English Dictionary, I can only say 'Hrmph' (which, unfortunately, my dictionary does not list).

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Chuck Norris vs Kevin Bacon?

Where do you think the Bacon come from ??? If its an acting competition then Chuck loses rather sadly.

KEVIN BACON!? Can you at least come up with someone better like Bruce Lee, who could stand a chance?

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What happens when you type Chuck Norris wrong on google?

Nothing happens but a spell checker coming up. Then you get a roundhouse kick to the head. :)

Chuck Norris

How do christians deal with marital problems?

Both have to apply Bible principles in order to save their marriage.

Chuck Norris

How many years did Chuck Norris serve in the military?


Chuck Norris

What type of car does Chuck Norris drive?

he drives a lamberghini gllardo....nope jk he drives an old jeep

Chuck Norris

Is Chuck Norris southern?

Texas is the buckle of the Bible Belt. Texas is where Mr. Norris (mostly) lives.

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Who is the old man in Walker Texas Ranger?

C.D. Parker was played by the late Noble Willingham. He was originally played by Gailard Sartain in the pilot episode.


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