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A war between two groups in a country, like American Civil War.

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Several different types of guns were used in the Civil War. The soldiers used pistols, rifles, knives, gatling guns, and cannon to fight the opposition.

A civil war is normally an internal war where different factions of the same country are in conflict. On occasion other countries rally to one side or the other. It would also depend on which civil war you are asking about as to which, if any, other countries were involved

Which Civil War? England and America both had them, at different times. So have other countries.

Civil War=War between different groups within a particular nation.

A civil war is when a group of rebels from the same country leaves its government and fights against it a traditional war is when two different countries armies and governments fights against each other

There were approximatley 120 different types of guns in the civil war. There were many varieties of muskets, repeaters, pistols, ect. Many of these weapons were similar varieties of the same model of weapons. For example the union had muskets as well as the confederacy but they were different varieties.

Civil war is different from another war because regular war is war between two or more independent countries and civil war is war where the two(or more) opposing forces are all from the same country and are either trying to create their own country as in the American Civil War or are trying to seize control of the whole country from the opposing party as in the Bolshevec Revolution.

George McClellan in the Civil War. While there are some other people who wore unusual uniforms in different wars.

The Civil War killed more people than any other war.

the civil war started because the people wanted freedom they didn't like their econmy and wanted a different one and other reasons

Texas is set apart from other states because the American civil war

It was a battle during the Civil War. Why did it happen? It was an Engagement between two different types of people.

Civil war is when one part of a nation fights another part of the same nation. World war is when several nations are fighting several other nations simultaneously.

It was the only state formed due to Civil War.

The difference between the civil war camps compared to the army camps today was technology. The intelligence and the types of weapons used are some of the differences.

The Civil War was the first war that followed the Industrial Revolution, which gave an advantage in weaponry making weapons more accurate and dangerous.

A comparison of the Revolutionary war and the civil war. How the Revolutionary was different from the civil war A comparison of two wars The Differences between the Revolution and the Civil War

Different centuries: 1860s vs 1960s.

They were different because than other major US Civil War battles because they were major ones that were fought in Northern territory. General Robert E. Lee was the losing general in both of them.

The Mexican, or its other name, the Mexican-US War, was in 1846. There is no direct connection to the US Civil War, other then that many of the generals of the Civil War, fought together and came to know each other.

Wars are basically of two types. If a nation goes to war against another nation, that is war in the normal sense, which we might describe as an external war. If there are factions within a nation that go to war with each other, then the nation is effectively at war with itself. That is called a civil war. (The current fighting in Syria, as I type in September of 2012, is an example of civil war.)

The Civil War was unlike any other previous war because it was completely contained within one country. The Civil War was a war between two halves of the one country.

The civil war was different because in the civil war it was northern America fighting southern America. in other wars it was all of America fighting a different country. They were fighting because the South (or the Confederates) wanted to keep slavery in the US. The North ( or the union) was fighting to abolish slavery in the US. Of course, the North won.

How were soldiers treated during the civil war.

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