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there is no sugar in Coke Zero, but in Diet Coke there is only less sugar than in normal coke

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What a maroon.ย 
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Q: How is Coke Zero different from Diet Coke?
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Which is better for you Diet Coke or coke zero?

coke zero

Which erupts higher Diet Coke or coke zero?

coke zero definetly

Does Diet Coke taste different Coca Cola Zero?

Yes it does.

What different sodas are there?

pepsi, rootbeer, diet pepsi, diet coke, coke zero, sprite, seltza, ginger ale, cream soda,

What acids are there in Diet Coke?

diet coke has acid in it just less than coke diet coke does not have sugar either which coke and coke zero has

Is diet Pepsi or coke zero better for you?

coke zero. diet Pepsi makes you gain more weight.

Does Diet Coke have the same amount of caffeine in it as Coke zero?

Diet coke has more caffeine than coke zero. Diet coke has 46mcg caffeine per 12oz, Coke zero has 36mcg per 12oz. Pepsi MAX has 46mcg per 8oz.

Which has more calories Diet Coke or coke zero?

Coca Cola Zero has more calories than Coca Cola diet. If you look at their cans, it says that Diet Coke has 0 calories, it says on a Coke Zero can that it contains 5 calories. You can probably find this out by the taste difference also, COke Zero tastes sweeter than Diet Coke and has less of a Diet Soda aftertaste.

How many weight watchers points in a Diet Coke?

There are zero points in a diet coke.

Is there preservatives in a can of coke?

No there are no preservatitves in regular coke. however in coke zero and diet coke there are.

What different types of coke are there?

Regular, coke zero, diet coke, coke vanilla, coke vanilla zero, caffeine free diet, cherry coke, diet cherry coke. If by "coke" you mean soda or pop, then, mellow yellow, dr. pepper, pepsi, sprite, 7-up, sierra mist, crush, root beer, pibb extra, mountain dew, vault...

How much diet sweetner is in a can of Diet Coke?

zero calories

How many calories in 42oz Diet Coke?

Diet Coke has no calories, so it would be zero.

What can you do in Georgia?

You can go to the Cococola Factory, where you can try all different kinds like Coke Zero, Vanilla Coke, Diet Coke, ect., ect..

How many carbs are in Diet Coke?


Which is better Diet Coke or coke what ingredients does Diet Coke have and coke has?

diet coke doesn't have any calories so that means that there is no sugar in it which gives it the diet taste, so coke has sugar. so dose coke zero!

Which out of Coke Diet Coke and Coke Zero has the most phosphoric acid in it?

hubuly bubuly

Which is healthier Diet Coke or coke zero?

I would go for coke zero because it doesn't contain a cancer causing chemical that diet coke does. The chemical is even illegal in some countries.

What is difference in coke zero and Diet Coke?

Coke Zero is sweetened with a combination of aspartame and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K). Coke Zero is the same basic formula as classic Coke while Diet Coke is a different formula completely. Diet Coke is sweetened with aspartame only. There are unsubstantiated theories (at least by Coca Cola) that the unsuccessful release of Coke Two or new Coke was actually the formula for Diet Coke, just sweetened with the classic sugar combination. Also, Coke Zero has 0.5 Calories per 100ml while Diet Coke, oddly enough, still contains one Calorie. One other rationale for the Coca Cola release of Coke Zero is that men are reluctant to buy diet coke because of the association with dieting and women. Much of the marketing of Coke Zero in the US is directed toward men and activities often associated with masculinity.

What coke is better for you coke zero or Diet Coke?

Well if you look on the back of the can it will tell you the calories and what it has inside it but its definitely coke zero because not only has it got zero calories it has zero caffeine and sodium

What are the differences between Diet Coke Diet Coke caffeine free and coke zero?

The answer to that is ah-bious! Diet coke caffiene free is diet coke with out caffiene. Coke zero has no calories or sugars. Diet coke is for fat people on a diet or people that wanna stay in shape. That's actually somewhat not true because yes, it does help people on a diet that like coke but coke 0 has no calories so I think it is scientificly proven that coke 0 is't not as fattening.

How many grams of fat in Diet Coke?


Is Diet Coke or coke zero better than just coke?

original coke is the best advice i can give you,

Is coke zero replacing Diet Coke?

No it`s just been made to much and nothing will ever take over Diet Coke

How is coke and Diet Coke different?

diet coke has the stuff in it that they use to Reserve Dead bodies