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Q: How is Doyn pronounced in Dutch?
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How is Doyn pronounced in the Netherlands?


What is Dutch for stockings?

The Dutch word for stockings is kousen. It's pronounced as cowsun.

How do you say artist in Dutch?

"artist" = "artiest" (pronounced: arteest) in Dutch

How do you pronounce John in dutch?

The Dutch equivalent to John is "Jan", pronounced "Yarn".

How successful is it to pull the goalie at the end of the game?

only if you are doyn by 1 goal

What is 'perfect' in Dutch?

It is exactly the same way in Dutch as it is in English "perfect" (pronounced perfekt).

How is 'Prettig kerstfeest' pronounced in Dutch?

Preht-tihg kehrst-fayst is a Dutch pronunciation of 'Prettig kerstfeest'.

How do you pronounce spekulatius?

In Dutch it is pronounced spek-u-laas

How do you spell Samuel in dutch?

The same but if the name is given to a Dutch boy then it would be pronounced differently.

What is Jasmine in Dutch?

It's the same. But if the name is given to a Dutch baby then it would be pronounced differently.

What is the dutch word for Alex?

The name 'Alex' is the same but if it is the name of a Dutch boy then it would be pronounced differently.

How do you say marijuana in Dutch?

Marihuana (pronounced the same)

How do you say I am fine in Dutch?

i am fine - pronounced - i on feenay

What is the word for fairy in dutch?

Fee (pronounced 'fay').

How do you pronounce zoet in dutch?

It's pronounced as [zoot].

How do you say April in Dutch?

The Dutch name for the month of April is also "april", although it is written without a capital A and in Dutch the letter "A" is pronounced as "Ah".

How do you say thunderstorm in pa dutch?

onweersbui is the word for thunderstorm in Dutch. This is a word for storm with lightening.

How do you pronounce the Dutch word tante not the french or norwegian pronunciation the Dutch one?

you pronounce the -a- in tante like the -a- in 'bath'. The -e- is pronounced like the -u- in 'bug'. So 'tante' is pronounced as 'tan-tuh'

How do you say water in dutch?

Exactly the same, but the 'a' is pronounced as an 'aa'.

How do you say 18 in Dutch?

Eightteen is in Dutch 'achttien'. When you click on the link, you should click on the speaker button under the Dutch translation and then you can hear the word being pronounced.

How is 'Vrolijk kerstfeest' pronounced in Dutch?

VROH-layk* KEHRST-fayst is the way in which 'Vrolijk kerstfeest' is pronounced. The words are in Dutch. They're one of the holiday wishes for a 'Merry Christmas' among Dutch language speakers.*The sound 'ay' is similar to the sound 'ay' in the English noun 'hay'.This is not perfect but you should hear it, it's very hard to pronounce Dutch words.

What is 'Thank you' in Pennsylvania Dutch?

Someone answered: Denki (pronounced dunk-i) But as a Dutchman, I guess the answer should be: Dankie (pronounced as dahnk-i) The more common Dutch expression is: Dank je (pronounced as dahnk ya)

What does no mean in the Netherlands?

The dutch word for 'no' is 'nee', which is pronounced like 'nay'.

What is the word order in dutch?

Bevel (as in command/order) Pronounced 'Beffél'

How do you say tornado in dutch?

It's just tornado but pronounced differently