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for one, Japan signed a treaty not to have a standing military.
they agreed to this so that America would not drop any more nukes on their civilians.
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Why did Japan surrender?

The Enola Gay an American plane dropped two Atomic Bombs the first one on the 6th of August on Hiroshima, then the second on Nagasaki three days later.

What is Japan?

It is an island country (made up of four large islands and nearly 7000 smaller ones) off the eastern coast of Asia. It stretches from Russia in the north to Taiwan in the south. The flag consists of a red circle on a white field and represents the rising sun. The capital is Tokyo.

How do you get to Japan?

There are a large variety of ways of getting to Japan depending on your location. The most common way is by air or flying. But ferries, or even Cruises can get you their depending where you are.

Why is Japan called Japan?

The English word for Japan came to the West via early trade routes. The early Mandarin or possibly Wu Chinese (吳語) word for Japan was recorded by Marco Polo as Cipangu. In modern Shanghainese, a Wu dialect, the pronunciation of characters 日本 'Japan' is Zeppen [zəʔpən]. T ( Full Answer )

What is Japan known for?

Japan has a breif thing it is known for making toys and other products that we use in America!

Which plate is Japan on?

It is on the cusp of the North American, Eurasian and Philippine plates. That is why there is so much tectonic activity there.

Were you at war with Japan?

Most of today's people weren't born during those times to be at war with Japan.

When did Japan industrialize?

In the Meiji period that started in 1868. Before this year, Japan had really closed borders, they didn't have relations with anyone but with the beginning of the Meiji period they reopened their borders to foreign countries who brought industrialization to Japan.

What do you think about Japan?

I think Japan is an awesome place because it's the game, computer and comic book capital of the world but there are also a lot of girls in mini skirts! Japan is a beautiful island nation full of energy culture and antiquity. The temples are breathtaking, especially in Kyoto. Japan will transport you ( Full Answer )

Was Japan colonized?

Japan was never a colony, and was never conquered; until two Atom Bombs were used.

What were the eras of Japan?

answer: . Periods of Japanese history are classified by shoguns :. Shogunate: (names and dates refer to families) . Minamoto family and their successors with their capitol at Kamakura (1192-13233) . Ashikaga with their capital at Kyoto (1338-1597) . Tokugawa (aka Edo) with their capital at Ye ( Full Answer )

Does Japan have waterfalls?

Yes. It is very mountainous, and has a few. One, for example, is at Kiyomizudera , otherwise known as the 'Water Temple'. It is based entirely around a small waterfall.

What is Japan called in Japan?

Japan's name in America is Japan. In Japan, it is called Nippon or Nihon (日本). Officially it is called (日本国 Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku. This means the country where the sun rises.

What is cool about Japan?

Japan means land of the rising sun and that the Japanese flag (the red circle in the middle of the flag) is the sun.

How did Japan industrialize?

Japan was industrialized by a series of events called MeijiRestoration that restored imperial power. Japan went through rapidmodernization with many industries built such as ship yards,spinning mills and iron smelters.

After the US bombed Japan what did Japan do?

Conventional bombing began with long-range B-29's in 1944, from islands such as Tinian and Okinawa, and fire-bombing of the major Japanese cities caused major devastation. Nonetheless, the Japanese leaders refused to capitulate. However, atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Augus ( Full Answer )

How can you get to Japan?

Assuming one has a valid passport, by airplane or, from South Korea or China, by boat. If you have a time machine, you might be able to arrange having been born there, but other uses for such a machine might be preferable.

Does all of Japan have Japan have mountains?

Japan has Japanese Alps, and not all of Japan has mountains. Nearly 70% of Japan is covered in mountains and volcanoes. Japan consists of 6,852 islands, and non-volcanic islands (such as coral islands) are very flat.

Where about is Japan?

Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, People's Republic of China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south.

What was Japan called before it was Japan?

Long ago, the Japanese had different names for each of their islands within the archipelago. Completely different names from what we now call them. The main island (now called Honshu) represented entire Japan, and long ago was called Yamato. Later on in history, the Japanese referred to their count ( Full Answer )

How do you say Japan in Japan in symbols?

Japanese have 3 different styles of writing: Hiragana (Native Japanese) Katakana (Foreign things) and Kanji (Chinese style of writing) Hiragana and Katakana both have alphabets that use characters that represent specific sounds. Kanji uses characters to represent entire words. 日本 is the Ka ( Full Answer )

Why is the Japan flag famous in Japan?

The Japanese flag has the red circle, and that represents the sun. Japan literally gets sunlight the fastest (International Date Line), so the circle means that Japan "meets" the sun the earliest.

What power Japan have?

Do you really want the truth? Well, this is the real answer but no one will believe you if you tell them this. Japan has all the power in the world!! Crazy huh? But true. (fyi don't listen to me. I am only a 6 year old)

Why is Japan named Japan?

Japan's name is Japan because it means Nihon in Japanese which means 'the land of the rising sun'.

Does Japan have wildlife?

Japan does indeed have a wildlife like most countries it has bears, birds and even monkeys.

How did sea of Japan effect Japan?

It's east sea from Korea. There is Korean protectors in the island called dokdo and it is the island that decide whose sea it is. Historically it is Korean sea

Why does Japan have tsunamis?

out in the ocean, the tectoic plates submerge under another. this causes and earthquake. when an earthquake occurs it makes a wave. once this wave reaches land it creates a tsunami. because japan is an island it is surrounded by ocean all around its border

What do they were in Japan?

While most people wear Western style clothing (read jeans and tshirt/dresses/tuxedos, depending on the occasion) some people still wear kimonos, especially for formal ceremonies and festivals.

Is there a zoo in Japan?

Yes, there are a lot of zoos in Japan. It is a popular place for people to visit.

What of mountains are in Japan?

Japanese Alps Yes, there are the Northern Japan Alps, the Central Japan Alps, and the Southern Japan Alps, all on Japan's main island of Honshu. There are also beautiful peaks on the northern island of Hokkaido, the southern island of Kyushu, and throughout Japan. Over the past 2 decades I've man ( Full Answer )

What is a Basho in Japan?

I think that is the name of person. His name were Matuo Basho. He lived about 200years ago. He were making Haiku.

In Japan what do you eat with?

In Japan you eat with chopsticks, instead of forks and spoons. But if you ask, they can get you forks and spoons too. So anywhere you go in Japan, you can still use forks and spoons.

How and who discovered Japan?

The first signs of occupation in the Japanese isles were a Paleolithic culture around 30,000 BC.

What have Japan made?

they've made clothes and toys so thats how they get more money then the usa

How do you get on Fantage Japan?

Fantage Japan was originally made for kids in Japan but then we, american kids, started playing on it. Unfortunately, some of us werent just playing it. People were hacking it because you could buy anything you wanted on it without a membership. Fantage & Nexon made it so only people in Japan can pl ( Full Answer )

Is the sea of Japan part of Japan?

No. It is just like the English Channel is not part of England. It lies beneath it but it is not actually owned by them. They share a partnership with France (secretly)

How do you get to Iwakuni Japan from Tokyo Japan?

It takes 6 hours by bullet train (plus another hour to get you from Narita airport into central Tokyo) pand will run you about $250 each way. You can also fly to Hiroshima and then take the train from there, which will significantly reduce the time but won't be cheaper since no discount airlines ser ( Full Answer )

What is Japan by?

Japan is by China, the coasts of North Korea and South Korea and next to the sea of Japan.

Which capital of Japan was hit by Japan?

Japan, like most countries, only has one capital. This capital is Tokyo and it was not hit by itself, but rather a tsunami, which I assume is what this question actually meant to say.

What can you do at Japan?

You can visit the manga drawing museum, keep an eye open for their latest fashions, and do many other things.

Where is Japan in the?

japan is in the first world and is in Asia Tokyo is the capital of japan

What was Japan could before Japan?

Japan has been known historically as either the land of the Rising Sun, or the House of the Rising Sun- which could refer to the ruling family, or their palace. Both titles are correct. Also a popular song by the Animals and later Frijid Pink-love that hot rod or is it X-craft run-up 25-50- 75- slig ( Full Answer )

What not to do in Japan?

1. Say no (Refuse anything indirectly) 2. Talk about Politics 3. Talk loudly 4. Talk about Japanese history from the 1900s-1945 5. Not being polite to every single person you meet 6. Saying anything that could potentially be offensive 7. Directly tell a person what you're thinking.

What is Japan-?

Japan is an island that is located in Asia. The population of Japanis an estimated 126 million people.

What years involve made in Japan Japan and occupied Japan?

Japan began manufacturing goods for export not long after it becameindustrialized in the late 1800s, and in the early 20th century itwas known for its low-cost, often low-quality goods such as toys."Made in Japan" used to have a negative connotation. But after theU.S. Occupation of Japan (1945-1952) ( Full Answer )

How do you think about Japan Do you like Japan?

I visited Japan tens of times and I realy like Japan for the following main features: . beautiful country and having clean environment . the Japanese are straightforward, honest, loyal to their employers, and they like work. . having very efficient public transport . their popular kinds of foo ( Full Answer )