How is Manpower planning and recruitment done?

First make a list of your business work segments. In other words, make a list of what your business needs in order to accomplish its goals. Example: Opening an automotive repair business. Cars & light trucks. Goals: A/C, brake flushes, power steering flushing, transmission flushes, engine & transmission replacement, and general repairs on both foreign and domestic vehicles. Size of your facility. Eight bays. Your list might include: 1.ASE technicians certified in air conditioning, brakes, transmissions, engines, heavy line, Honda, Ford, Toyota, etc.; 2. Accountant, 3, General office help, 4. Shop Manager; 5. General shop labor employees. Recruiting these individuals. Employment agencies specalizing in your field of work. Technical colleges. Placing employment ads in major cities along with your local paper. Seek out those around you that have access to information regarding mechanics,such as Snap-On Dealers, NAPA stores and other car dealership. These individuals will know which shops are busy, which shops are having problems with their mechanics, and they will also know who is on the top list of great mechanics at local businesses. Of course, once you find out who is a quality techanician you can go directly to him and make an offer.