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How is North America a place of great diversity?

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its not

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How is North America a place of great diversity today?

they have alot of food and trading

What are some characteristics of Latin America's cultural diversity?

latin America is a place in which south and north America are united by several cultures so to help you i would say populatin in which the elements unite in diversity to a way where no one really knows! do you get what i am spreading on your bagel?no

Where is the coolest place in North America?

The coolest Place in North America is in llamaville, Kentucky.

What is the place found in north in the place of chad?

the north america ocean

Define the term diversity?

There are a great number of ways to define the term diversity. Diversity essentially means that there is a collection of many different things in one place.

Is North America a proper noun or a common noun?

North America is a proper noun, the name of a specific place. The common noun for North America is continent. A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing. North America is a specific place, a continent.

What continent is Haiti on?

North America:)Haiti is actually a place by its self.North America

What is the driest place in North America?

The driest place in North America is Death Valley, California. Its average of rain 45 millimeters a year.

Where is the driest place in North America?

The driest place in North America is Death Valley, California. Its average of rain 45 millimeters a year.

What are the coordinates to North America?

North America is a huge place the coordinates would be meaningless. North America takes up a major portion of the north western quadrant of the earth.

Where is Gastonia North Carolina?

Gastonia, North Carolina is located off of Interstate Highway 85. Gastonia's city slogan is great people, great place, great promise. Gastonia was also voted the most livable city in America!

What place did lief ericson find?

North America.

Why did the Quaternary Period take place?

north america

Where does the movie Pathfinder take place?

North America

Where was the place known as the New World?

North America.

Is there a place in North America where the weather is always constant?


Was America in the 1950s a great place to live?


Are turkeys native to North America?

Yes, North America is the only place wild turkeys are found in natural habitats.

Where did Pontiac's rebellion take place?

Pontiac's War, also known at Pontiac's Rebellion, took place in the Great Lakes region of North America. The war was between Great Britain and many Native American Indian tribes.

Is north America the most north place in the world?

you are bad and should feel bad

Where is the hottest place in North America?

Death Valley, California.

Warmest place in north america?

Death Valley, California

Where is the foggiest place in north America?

High in the Appalachian mountains.

Was Greenland the first place in north America that Columbus discovered?


What is the most populous city in North America?

Mexico City is the most populous city in North America. In second place is Toronto, Canada and in third place is New York City.