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If you mean who is Rihanna dating it is Chris Brown.

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rihanna is 24 she is out of school

Right now Rihanna is working on her next album that she said was coming out in November.

rihanna will be 34 in 2022 because she is 22 right now :)

Rihanna is currently single her last boyfriend was Chris BrownRight now Rihanna is dating Matt Kemp.

Rihanna's boyfriend right now is Matt Kemp.

at yahh Mamss . at yahh Mamss .

No. It's Rihanna Chris is going out with her right now..

At the moment she is 21 but will be 22 in Feb 2010.

well,right now she's dating Chris Brown but it can change

Rihanna was caught having sex with chris brown believe it or not!

No. He is just dating people... He is going out with Rihanna right now.

shes in my home shes my big cousin and shes amazing her msn is i love my big cousin robyn rihanna

Well, considering how bad he abused her, I should think not.

Alicia Keys, Beyounce, and rihanna are the top three right now.

Well, right now she's dating Chris Brown

Right now, Chris Brown and Rihanna are taking a break. (That means they're taking time off of their relationship.)

Rihanna is RIGHT handed so no!

rihanna lives in london now to get away from all of the drama n cali

he still goin out wit rihanna he dont need another gurl.

Kesha has not had her own tour, she tours with Rihanna, and it is still going. But they are touring America right now.


Rihanna Goes With Drake Who Sings "Best I Ever Had"

In 2010 Rihanna is 22 years old.

Rihanna was born in Barbados and now lives in California.

no she is single right now and anyways yes before in the past she was dating drake but they had some problems or something and broke up i just think rihanna wasn't rite for him

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