How is a cross used in a church?


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A cross in church represents the wooden cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified (nailed to) by the Romans.


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The cross is used in the church tor on the emind us that christ died for our sins and for the sins of the world. on the cross.

Church of the Cross was created in 1857.

The cross in a Catholic Church is usually a crucifix, whereas the cross in a Protestant church is just a plain cross.

It is used to carry out church business such as mass, stations of the cross and all other services normally associated with and carried out in a church, however a church is normally called chapel.

.Catholic AnswerRoman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is never used by the Catholic Church. A crucifix is a representation of the cross with a corpus on it - a cross with a figure of Christ nailed to it. See link below:

Nothing, of course a cross is not normally used in the Catholic Church, it is a Crucifix, and it is still there on Holy Saturday.

The main symbols are the Cross, the Bible, and the holy Icons.

Memorial Church of the Holy Cross was created in 1891.

Banner Cross Methodist Church is situated in the district of Banner Cross in the city of Sheffield, England.

In the Roman Catholic Church a pectoral cross is one of the pontificals used by the pope, cardinals, archbishops and bishops.

A cross is the sign for a church

Yes! Baptists do display the cross daily. In every sanctuary there is a cross. Even in southern baptist church.

The cross symbolises the cross that Jesus died on to forgive our sins.

I do know that the church to which I belong, St Mary's Catholic Church in Peru IL has both the standard Christian cross and the Celtic Cross on the roof of the church. The Christian cross extends high on the steeple and the Celtic cross is above the doors. This parish was formed and the present church built by immigrants wishing to establish an English speaking church as the others in town were either Polish or German. This is presently an endangered church.

A crucifix is a representation of Jesus on the cross. The crucifix is used mainly in the Roman Catholic church.

The cross is worn by the bishop as it is the sign of religious might. He is the head of the church and deserves to wear the cross as he is the "king" of the church. Instead of wearing a crown as this sign he wears a cross for his royalty withing the church committee.

It is a square with a cross on top of it, a circlewith a cross on top of it is a church without a tower.

at the front of the church normally in front of an cross

the biblical image of church is a HOLY CROSS

Holy Cross Lithuanian Roman Catholic Church was created in 1965.

a cross, fish, bread, and wine. there is possibly more but these were the ones that poped into my head.

A Cruciform Church is a term describing anything that is cross-shaped. The actual word 'Cruciform' means 'a cross-shaped church'. The reason why Christians have Cruciform Churches is mainly because the cross is related a lot with Christ and how he died on a Crucifix. This is the typical image of a Gothic church.

yes but i saw her walking out of a church with a cross

a church has an apse, an altar and the stations of the cross in the catholic church, it has pews and of course a rectory.

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