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A disaster recovery plan is simply a documented process that enables your business to regain full or partial functionaliy in the event of a disaster. Creating that process can be cumbersome but every business should have one.

It is important to have key management support before trying to create a DRP/BRP/BCP. Recovery systems and technology can be simple and cheap or complex and expensive but their must be money budgeted this expense.

The first and most important step is to define business parts or functionality that need to be recovered in an emergency. Find out what kind of service level is expected from business owners/decision makes and then develop processes to meet those needs. Don't be shy - If they expect 100% service they should expect to pay the costs associated with 100% service.

There are numerous technologies, commercial and open-source, that can help. Some companies may only need backups to tape or replication to offsite locations. Others may need full backup locations called hot sites. Keep in mind, "you get what you pay for". If you don't have a full time IT staff, purchasing commercial services or products for DR may be your best option.

Once you've put technologies in place for DR you'll need to document your plan. Written documentation is best and it needs to be kept up-to-date.

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Q: How is a disaster recovery business resumption plan developed?
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Where can one find information on disaster recovery and business continuity?

You can find information on disaster recovery and business continuity online at the Disaster Recovery World website. Once on the website, you can business impact and risk analysis and learn how to create a disaster plan.

Where can one learn about business continuity and disaster recovery planning?

One can learn about business continuity and disaster recovery planning from CSO Security and Risk, CIO, NPCCNY, CITRIX and DataFort websites. Business continuity and disaster recovery plan is an audit to find out how an organization is able to recover from any future disaster and continue to operate as a business.

What is the difference between business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery refers to the actions taken after a disaster to restore processes back to their original status. Business continuity refers to plans that entail lesser disruptions.

Where can one find Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery online?

Someone interested in finding Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery online can check out online solutions such as those offered by IBM Business.

What is a disaster recovery service?

"Disaster Recovery Service is a recovery service for when a business's computer system goes down as a result of a natural or human-induced disaster. It's very critical for businesses that are particularly dependent on computers to run their business, because otherwise they would lose all the information needed to run the business."

What is the IT disaster recovery plan?

The IT disaster recovery plan is a complete process and set of rules that would recover the whole data used in an IT system of a business in case of a disaster. The disaster can either be man-made or natural.

What periodical can one read to find information on business disaster recovery plans?

There are two excellent guides with information on business disaster recovery plans available. The first is the US Government guide to emergency planning. The second is the SBA Guide to disaster planning.

Can virtualization improve your business?

Yes, it can greatly save costs on electricity and help your recovery times in case of disaster recovery.

How does one use business continuity and disaster recovery?

You would use a disaster recovery plan to efficiently get your business back to normal operating procedures after a disaster has occurred. The plan is usually set up beforehand so you know immediately what to do in case something were to happen.

What are some websites which offer advice and information on business disaster recovery?

There are many websites which offer advice and information on business disaster recovery. Some of these websites include Allstream, Disaster Recovery, University of Toronto and CSO Security and Risk. Many of these sites not only offer advice and information, but a plan template as well.

What is A recovery center?

A disaster recovery center is a place that serves disaster recovery efforts. It may be a place where individuals and assets are gathered after a disaster, or a place where people can go to get information about disaster recovery.

According to best practices methods what are some common disaster recovery strategies?

Some common disaster recovery strategies include making sure a company or business has a disaster recovery plan in place. Depending on how complex an IT structure is, there should be a comprehensive, written documentation on what an organization should do before, during and after a disaster.

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