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How is a line thunderstorm formed?

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Two heavy clouds hit each other and lighting comes from, as, the reaction. As God planned all.

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What type of cloud is formed in a thunderstorm?

A cumulonimbus cloud is formed during thunderstorms.

What forms the shape of a tornado?

a tornado is formed by a thunderstorm

Does a severe storm warning mean that a severe storm might form?

No. That would be a severe thunderstorm watch. A severe thunderstorm warning means that a severe thunderstorm ha already formed.

What is a whirling funnel-shaped cloud formed in a thunderstorm?


Where are most of the tornadoes formed in a severe thunderstorm?

Usually tornadoes are found in the southwest quadrant of the thunderstorm, which is the updraft portion, usually at the back of the storm.

What are Adjectives formed from the word destroy?

list the words formed from destroy that are adjectives:destroyed computer, destroying thunderstorm

Where do thunderstorms occurs?

a thunderstorm could happen anywhere since it is formed with clouds...

In simple terms how is atorndo formed?

a tornado is formed by a very severe thunderstorm for a tornado to form it has to have warm and moist air.

What is name for a contour line marking simultaneous development of a thunderstorm?


What type of storm is usually found along a squall line?


What is name for a contour line marking simultaneous development of a thunderstorm iso?

An imaginary line marking the simultaneous development of a thunderstorm, as noted by observing the time when the thunder is heard at different places, is called an isobront.

What is a long narrow line of a thunderstorm in a hurricane?

These lines are called rain bands.

How does hail develop?

hail is formed when there is a thunderstorm or really bad weather where the clouds look damp

The angle formed by a horizontal line?

The angle formed by a horizontal line is 180o.

What are straight line winds?

Straight line winds are, convective wind gusts, outflow and downbursts. Straight-line wind is wind that comes out of a thunderstorm.

What is an example of a figure not formed with any line segments?

A circle is not formed from line segments.

What poem relates to a thunderstorm by Emily Dickinson?

A line-storm song by Robert Frost

How does a typhoon formed?

In their infancy a typhoon begins as just a tropical thunderstorm. Moisture from the ocean is then pulled into the thunderstorm by its strong winds. Moisture is then converted into heat, which then forces the air to move into the middle of the storm which leads to evaporation. The heat that is created from all this then flows into the eye of the thunderstorm and a typhoon is created.

Can a line be formed by the intersection of two planes?

ONLY a line can be formed by the intersection of two planes...and always.

What is an angle formed when a vertical line intersects a horizontal line?

Right angles (90 degrees) will be formed.

Do hurricanes cause other storms?

They normally dont, but multiple tornados can form from within a hurricane. Also when a hurricane starts to die, it basicly just forms a giant thunderstorm so a thunderstorm can be formed from a horricane.

What is the worlds largest thunderstorm?

The worlds largest thunderstorm was the Venezuelan thunderstorm.

Does a thunderstorm strike a car does a thunderstorm strike on one place how long does a thunderstorm strike?

A thunderstorm does not strike anything, it is "lightening" that does that.

What is a sentence for thunderstorm?

The thunderstorm pounded the town with heavy rains.I have always enjoyed a good thunderstorm.

What is a seam?

The noun definition according to the online dictionary: 1. Its the 'line' that is formed by sewing together pieces of cloth. 2. Its the stitches used to make such a line. 3. Its any line formed by abutting edges. Also in knitting its the line formed by purling.