How is a room in a house similar to a cell?

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A room and a cell are alike in that they are isolated parts of a collection. The rooms have walls which separate them from the other rooms of the house, and the cells have cell membranes (and cell walls for plant cells) which separate them from the other cells in the tissue. However, you can take the analogy a lot further if you compare the house to the cell.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like a hallway
The Mitochondria are like the furnace.
The nucleolus is like the teenager who has a part time job. He can't quite make enough to be on his own, but he does contribute to his own care.
The vacuole is like the the garbage bag.
The lysozome is the kitchen with an attached garage. This is where the eating goes on. It is sort of in the house, but sort of outside the house. And it allows the car with groceries into the house.
The cell wall is like the exterior walls of a house. Some houses are brick, some are wood, and the cell walls can be different densities depending on what the cell is used for.
the endoplasmic reticulum is the plumbing.
The ribosome is a home business. It produces stuff to go out and benefit the cell.
The Golgi apparatus is the coat room, or closet. It provides clothing for the cells occupants before they leave the cell.
the centrosome is like a divorce lawyer.
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How are prokaryotic cells similar to eukaryotic cells?

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If you mean another eukaryotic cell of the organism, then there are many similarities as they would share many of the same organelles. They would all have Golgi apparatus, a nucleus, mitochondria, vesicles etc. However, nerve cells (depending on the type of nerve cell) may have an axon (myelina ( Full Answer )

How are embryonic cells and cancer cells similar?

Both embryonic stem cells and cancer cells are (1) rapid-growing and (2) usually undifferentiated.. Undifferentiated means that they are very primative cells which have not acquired a specific function such as nerve cells, muscle cells, lung cells, etc.

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They both have cytoplasm, a nucleus, ribosomes and mitochondria. But that's about it, I'm afraid, as plant cells also have a cell wall, chloroplasts, different amounts of chromosomes, as well as other things a GCSE student wouldn't be able to tell you.

Solar cell similarities to plant cells?

Solar cells are definitely similar to plant cells for one very bigreason. Both cells need sunlight in order to operate the mostefficiently.

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well they are both eukaryotic so they are very similar. However animal cells do not have a chloroplasts, while plant cells do. Also, animal cells have centrioles while plant cells do not. Another difference is that during mitosis and meiosis plant cells produce a cell plate, while animal cells produ ( Full Answer )

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How are sex cells and somatic cells similar?

They both have DNA in the form of chromosomes, they both contain the same genetic material (if they are in the same organism) and they both have similar structures (such as the cell membrane).

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What is the similar of plant cell and animal cell?

Well - the both have a membrane and a nucleus as well as they can share other things like vacuoles - although it depends on the animal cell - an animal cell and plant cell is quite general.

How is the plant cell similar to the solar cell?

Plant cells and solar cells BOTH convert sunlight into energy. In the case of plants it is chemical energy - for solar cells it is electricity. Plants use organic processes but solar cells use inorganic semiconductors.

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How are elodea cells similar to cheek cells?

The cheek cell is an animal cell and the Elodea cell is a plantcell. Both cells have have a Nucleus, Nucleolus, Nuclear Membrane,Mitochondrion, Centrosome, Rough ER, Smooth ER, Ribosomes, Golgibody, Cell membrane, Cytoplasm and Vacuole. However, there are someparts that the animal cell have that a p ( Full Answer )

Are prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells similar?

Somewhat. Living cells have cell membranes, genetic material &ribosomes in COMMON. But, prokaryotes lack an organized nucleus and other membrane-boundorganelles. They have a cell wall that acts as an extra layer ofprotection and they are smaller. Eukaryotes have membrane bound organelles. They are ( Full Answer )