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The policy with the broadest scope of coverage is primary. The other policy with less coverage would be considered secondary and does not invoke until or unless the coverage from the primary policy is exhausted.

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Q: How is a theft of a vehicle work when there are two insurance policies?
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How does a Universal Life Insurance Policy work?

Universal Life Insurance Policies work by giving death benefits when one dies. Unlike other life insurance policies, universal life insurance policies generate interest over time.

Can I get cheap car insurance in Nebraska?

Most companies that provide work vehicles will have a standard insurance policy covered on the vehicle. But it is still possible to get a personal liability coverage of the work vehicle. One would just need to consult their current insurance policy in Nebraska or call a local insurance agent who would be able to provide more details on the type of work car policies available.

Do car insurance companies ask where the vehicle will be kept whilst you are at work?


Do you need personal insurance to drive a comerical vehicle?

No, you can get a commercial policy for a commercial vehicle. If it's for a company you work for, I would make sure they had proper insurance before you drove the vehicle.

How do you get temporary insurance for transporting a vehicle interstate?

If you already have auto insurance your agent should be able to work something out for you.

Does international health insurance work the same as our health insurance policies?

I'm not too sure. But I doubt that it would. You would have to contact your insurance company for further information, as I have no clue which insurance you would have.

What is a 440 license?

The Florida 440 License is a customer insurance representative license that allows the licensee to work for an insurance agent in the sales and service of property and casualty insurance policies. Those with a 440 license may not work outside the agency to solicit sales, but they typically handle incoming calls and make calls from the licensed insurance agent's place of business. They answer questions from customers and help establish new insurance policies as well as give advice on existing policies.

How do automobile insurance policies work?

Automobile insurance policies usually vary by region and country. In most countries, a standard automobile insurance policy works by covering third-party liabilities to your automobile, statutory accident benefits, and property damage compensation.

How does direct line travel insurance work?

Direct Line is an insurance company in the UK. They offer all types of insurance from travel and life to pet, vehicle, home and business insurance. The difference is that they offer discounts for bundling policies and the ability to increase the amount of insurance at any time. Their customer service team has consistently received the highest marks from clients and the company remains one of the most affordable providers of insurance.

What insurances do you need for a warehouse?

Warehouses need:LiabilityProperty (For building, warehouse equipment, racking, office equipment, and inventory)Work comp (If there are any employees)Commercial auto (For vehicles used for business purposesAnd can also considerEmployment Practices Liability InsuranceCrime Insurance (Protects against employee theft)Employee benefitsExcess insurance to increase limits of other policiesBusiness Income Insurance (Written with property insurance)Your insurance broker can actually spend an hour or so understanding your business then suggesting policies customized to meet your risks, but the above policies are commonly purchased by warehousers.

What is the average cost of classic car owner insurance?

The cost of insurance for a classic car is highly dependent on the value and rarity of the vehicle. On average classic car insurance costs around four hundred dollars. These policies do have added constraints; cars often cannot be driven regularly to and from work and must be kept in secure storage.

Does liability insurance cover construction mistakes?

Liability insurance covers third party lawsuits resulting from a contractors operations. This includes parties injured by faulty construction and also property damage resulting from faulty construction. Liability insurance DOES NOT cover the contractors property that is "their work" which needs to be covered by builders risk insurance. Construction insurance policies are complex so make sure you work with a construction insurance broker to get quotes and understand what you are buying. Policies can be written to exclude types of work, certain projects, certain types of claims, and prior work performed.

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