How is a urinal made?

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they are generally made out or porcelain, white transparent earthenware or chinawear. In its liquid form it is poured into a mould and when dry and extracted from the mould can be spray painted, or otherwise, to the desired colour or pattern. Wash hand basins and toilets are created by the same system

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What is the weight of a urinal?

That depends on what it is made from and how big it is.

What is urinal in French?

urinal in french is urinoir

What is a urinal trough?

i urinal trough is when the urinal is just one long bowl for 2-4 people to use at once

How do you fix a urinal that after flushing the water runs down and out onto the floor?

I am assuming that you are talking about a wall hung urinal! Most urinals have a mounting bracket where the urinal seals against the drain line. There is a soft foam gasket that makes the seal between the urinal and the drain line. First, secure the water to the urinal, remove the flush valve, there are usually 2 screws or bolts located on at the bottom of the urinal, unscrew these and remove the urinal from the wall, replace the gasket and then replace the urinal in the reverse of removing.

What is the standard height for a urinal?

610mm from floor to front lip of urinal bowl.

Who invented the urinal?

French inventor Marcel Duchamp is responsible for the creation of the urinal. He entered the urinal in an art exhibition and won. The design became very popular.

Do you have to take a urinal test to diagnose a pinched nerve in your foot?

I'm not sure what you mean by a urinal test. Is this a test to see if you can hit the urinal with your urine stream?

Is trap necessary to connect urinal to waste pipe?

Yes, unless urinal has an integral trap.

Why do they call a urinal a duck?

First I've heard of it. Although it might have something to do with the shape of the urinal

How do you pee at a urinal?

You do all of the following standing and facing the urinal. You take it out, you aim at the drain, and you pee!

What Piece of furniture starts with U?

The urinal is a piece of furniture. It starts with the letter u.

What is a urinal para block?

The para block is the urinal puck that sits in the urinal. Para is short for para-dichlorobenzene or something along those lines. It was discovered to be a carcinogen so they started taking it out of the urinal pucks. Now we use non-para blocks.

How can a woman use a urinal without wetting herself?

It is probably impossible using a male urinal, but there is a female urinal that has a larger / oblong opening with smooth edges that does a much better job.

Can you change a urinal to a toilet I am thinking wall hung?

No, the drain of a urinal is only large enough for liquid.

How do women use urinal to pee?

Girls and Woman can use a man's urinal. Either using devices made for woman to able to pee standing up or a simple medicine spoon or with a lot a practice woman can do it with no devices needed.

What is slang for a urinal?


What rhymes with urinal?


What is the south park episode called when someone does a poo in the urinal?

Im pretty sure its called urinal deuce.

A normal fixing height for an individual wall mounted urinal?

The normal fixing height of an individual wall mounted urinal

What is the standard height for urinal sensors with connection?

Standard height for urinal sensors should be 1450mm centre from floor level

Is it safe to eat a urinal cake?


What actors and actresses appeared in Urinal Diaries - 2008?

The cast of Urinal Diaries - 2008 includes: Jack Guimon as Jeremy

Did a female invent the urinal?

yes. i believe if originated with females using the urinal as a vaginal vacuum, then they updated it into a toilet for man to stand up.

Why would there be blood in your pee?

If you have urinal infection or a tear in the skin around the urethra it can color the urine. If you are a man you can have problems with your prostate or have a urinal infection.

What is the required Distance from urinal to urinal?

there isn't a required distance, but men should be about a foot away and women should be about 8 inches away