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High tea is in the afternoon and is accompanied by finger Sandwiches (US?); in England what Americans call "high tea" is called "afternoon tea" or simply "tea". In England "a high tea" is usually a meal that includes a cooked dish and tea to drink, and is eaten instead of dinner as the last meal of the day. In households where "high tea" is eaten it is often simply called "tea". Early morning tea is simply tea to drink that one may be offered on waking, often with a biscuit or, in old fashioned households, with a thin slice of bread and butter.

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Q: How is an early morning tea different from that of a high tea?
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The different types of tea leafs have different pH . the tea which we drink every early morning actually acidic in nature which has the pH around 6-6.6.

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50 to 100ml with a cup of tea in early morning.

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I think it is more proper as Wuniu zao cha. Zao means early and in the case of this tea that does not mean that it is a breakfast tea drunk early in the morning but rather it is an early ripening tea, as in spring. In is an olive green, flat, smooth leaf kneaded tea looking like a loong jian cha. Fine medium flavoured tea without the smokiness of Taiwan tea. But a mild but elegant tea. I believe Wuniu is on the Coast of China South from Shanghai and North by North West of Taipei, Taiwan. My current favourite tea. Wuniu Zao Chao is a early spring green tea in China, Wuniu is a town in Yongjia county, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, China. I just find this tea here:

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Micheal Jackson

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What can be served in afternoon tea?

Typically a high tea is a real meal eaten at a 'high' table. Foods such as meat, potatoes, casseroles and breads were served traditionally. It is/was dinner to people in England, Ireland, Australia... When they say we are going to have 'tea', it doesn't mean they are going to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. It is their main meal of the day. High tea was served at a 'high table' like the dining room table. Low tea, or afternoon tea was served at low tables, like end tables, or tea tables (like our coffee table). Nowadays, the high tea has become known (especially in America) as a fancy afternoon tea, and lighter foods are served compared to a dinner, but more substantial than an afternoon tea.

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they used it as a soothing drink in the morning

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