How is an ecosystem affected by soil?


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It is an integral part of the water cycle, the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle. It is the medium for plant growth, which is the basis for all food energy in an ecosystem (with the exception of some ecosystems that are dependent on chemotrophs).

Fertile soils mean abundant plant growth, provided the climate is hospitable, which means abundant animal life is also possible due to food and habitat availability.


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Ecosystem can be directly affected by Deforestation.

No, soil is an abiotic factor of an ecosystem.

Soil and weather are part of an ecosystem and they are called abiotic factors.

land ecosystem is something that is not on the water ecosystem like soil, air, shade, and light Land ecosystem means NO WATER AT ALL The things in a land ecosystem are shade, soil, air, and light

he affected by throwing all junk and wastes everywhere which causes pollution:the main source of the degradation of the ecosystem.

because they decomposed the materials in the soil

One of the characteristic of a healthy ecosystem is soil

I think air water soil and sunlight are nonliving parts of an ecosystem.

The mineral composition of a residual soil is most affected by the depth and soil formation processes

it is when a ecosystem develops by the nutrients in the soil.

It is important in order for the ecosystem to produce more from the soil after the decomposers have gotten the nutrients back into the soil.

All the living organisms especially those that are aquatic will be affected by a decreased supply of water in the ecosystem.

well it can be affected by the ecosystem because it can destroy life in the comunity

The Sun, soil, air, rocks, and water sources are all nonliving things in an Ecosystem.Rocks, water, soil.

A non-living thing in an ecosystem would be a rock or the soil.

Some of the components of the valley ecosystem includes water, soil and the rocks.

soil is affected more by sunlight due to it holding a higher water content.

the proccess of an ecosystem developing by the nutrients in the soil.

decompose and make rich soil.

Sunlight, air water soil and space. The abiotic and biotic factors are the parts of an ecosystem.

It will affect the chemical content in the soil because it helps determine which plants will grow faster. Also the types of plants that grow in an ecosystem depends if it's a fertile soil, it will nutrient and help the plants thrive. :)

Once one living thing is gone, the rest of the ecosystem will be affected.

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