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How is biotechnology used in cleaning the environment?

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They created organisms that eat pollutants. There's this one bacteria they discovered that lives on oil. When theres an oil spill they can put these bacteria in there to eat the oil and clean it up.

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How does biotechnology impact the environment?

it impacts it by using living things to make humans lives better. so the environment part of is, is that we are using a living thing in biotechnology. <3, Katie:)

How important is biotechnology?

Without these we cannot study the plants or about our environment

What are the branches of biotechnology?

The branches of biotechnology are: Red biotechnology-that is used for medical processes, like finding genetic cures by going through genomic manipulations and creating organisms to produce antibiotics.Green biotechnology- that is used in reference to agricultural processes that use biotechnology. Eg. The development of transgenic plants, need for pesticides remove etc.White biotechnology- This kind of biotechnology is used to reduce the costs for producing industrial goods that occur when traditional processes are used.Blue biotechnology- that deals with marine and aquatic usages of biotechnology,

What is the role of virus in biotechnology?

Viruses are used as gene vectors in biotechnology

Is the solvent that is most commonly used in dry cleaning safe for the environment?

Tetrachloroethylene, the most common solvent used for dry cleaning, is not safe for the environment. Called "perc," it can contaminate soil if spilled in it. Perchlorethylene is the solvent used by drycleaners. I've heard that tetra... is used as a degreaser.

What is the importance of cleaning the environment?

The cleaning of environment is very necessary because if our environment is clean then we can make healthy and prevent from many diseases.

The use of technology to solve crimes?

How is biotechnology used to solve crimes? How is biotechnology used to solve crimes?

How can you repair the environment?

I can repair the environment by cleaning the house

Can you suggest two advantages of recycling the solvents used in the dry-cleaning process?

It has been proven that there are many advantages to recycling chemicals used in cleaning processes every day. Two advantages to recycling the cleaning solvents used in the dry cleaning process would be to save the environment and to reduce the cost of this cleaning process.

How is biotechnology used to produce biomedical and agricultural products?

how is biotechnology used to produce new biomedical and agricultural products

How did the algonquin tribe survive by using the natural resources in their environment?

they used water for cooking and cleaning'

Who is father of biotechnology?

Karoly Ereky is called the father of biotechnology. Ereky was a Hungarian agricultural engineer who first used the term biotechnology in 1919.

How has biotechnology been potentially harmful to the environment?

Very often people working in biotechnology do not realize how much harm they can cause by invading and modifying different species.

Why must society carefully consider the use of biotechnology?

Biotechnology can impact individuals and the environment. There is a danger that it might affect living things in ways we can't predict.

What are advantage and disadvantage of the modern biotechnology?

biotechnology helps in creating the food which is a inbuilt medicine. but biotechnology may also be used to clone humans sexes.

Is bacteria used in biotechnology?


How we can take care of your environment?

by cleaning it

How do scavengers help the environment?

they help with cleaning up the environment by cleaning up all dead animals that come in its path, that is , when they are hungry.

What are some of the potenial benefits and potential risks of biotechnology?

In biotechnology, biological processes are used to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of life for humans. Some of the potential benefits of biotechnology are that there are lower production costs for the farmer, increased food production, and with the need for pesticides and fertilizers being reduced, biotechnology would be good for the environment. The potential risks of biotechnology include food safety risks, pests developing resistance to pest-resistant crops and/or changes in the nutritional composition in foods.

Where is biotechnology used?

I think biotechnology is used in industry, medicine and agriculture to produce foods, medicines, test for diseases and remove waste. Thanks!

What are the functions of biotechnology?

Biotechnology uses living systems and organisms to create useful products. Biotechnology has been used in food production, agriculture, and medicine for thousands of years.

Which country first used biotechnology?


Where was used first term biotechnology?


What is a biotechnique?

A biotechnique is a technique used in biotechnology.

What is the function of a vector in biotechnology?

In Biotechnology, vectors are used to transport and insert specific DNA sequences into target genomes.