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Q: How is carbon dioxide removed from cell by decarboxylation?
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Which component is removed from the body to prevent rapid cell death?

carbon dioxide

Which glucose part of the cell is not used in cellular respiration?

The byproducts of cellular respiration are water, ammonia and carbon dioxide. These are not used by the cell. Carbon dioxide is removed from the body through respiration. Ammonia and water are removed from the body through urine.

How does a cell gets rid of waste products like carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is removed from cells by a process known as diffusion.

How does carbon dioxide and water moves in out of a cell?

The carbon dioxide will move in because if the amount of carbon dioxide fluid is greater outside the cell then the carbon dioxide will diffuse in so that the amount of carbon dioxide inside and outside of the cell will be an equillibrium

What is an animal's smallest structure organ cell tissue or carbon dioxide?

carbon dioxide

Which gas is absorbed by the palisade cell?

Carbon dioxide is absorbed by the palisade cell. The palisade cell is a plant cell and without them the plant would die. Plants need carbon dioxide so they can produce food. Through photosynthesis (when a plant uses light to convert carbon dioxide into food).

Does blood transport carbon dioxide and waste to each cell?

No, carbon dioxide and waste are transported by the blood AWAY from each cell.

Carbon dioxide passes out of a cell by?


Carbon dioxide is produced where in the cell?


Is carbon dioxide fixed in a plant cell or animal cell?

Pland cell

Through what structure does water oxygen and carbon dioxide can enter a cell?

Water, carbon dioxide and oxygen can enter a cell through the plasma membrane.

Why does carbon dioxide leave the cell during cellular respiration?

Carbon dioxide leaves a cell during cellular respiration because it is a waste to the human body and other mammals. If carbon dioxide remains in the blood for too long, the individual will pass out. When carbon dioxide leaves the cell, it leaves our body when we exhale.