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Q: How is carnival similar amd different from Mardi Gras festivals in north America and Europe?
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How are North America and South America differ?

They have different season,They have different climates. There similar in size.

Is Islamabad similar to America?

Well I wouldn't say they are the same but they are a bit similar. Islamabad just has different people and cultures and is famous for looking like America... :)

Are there festivals around the world that are similar with Philippine festivals?

Some are the same as the festivals here in the Philippines and other countries. For example,Christmas. It is not a festival, but it is also held in the Philippines and other countries.

What is a similar word for festival?

Fete, carnival, fair or party come to mind.

How were the experiences of native peoples and Africans in Latin America similar how were they different?

they were treated badly

How London and Los Angles are similar and how they are different?

They are different because one is in america and another one is in england both longitude and latitude are different they are similar in a way that both are major cities and both attract tourist

How do you spell carcus?

The likely word is carcass (dead body of an animal).The similar word is circus, or carnival.

How is South America similar to North America?


Why is the land of south America and north America said to be very similar?

Only the name is similar.

How does the shape of south america and africa support the theory of plate tectoincs?

Because the shapes of the two are so different but similar

Are copper and silver similar or different?

They are different elements but they are similar in that they are both metals.

How were the policies of Taft and Wilson toward Latin America similar and how are were they different?

All three intervened in the affairs of other countries.