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He damaged her new car.

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Q: How is damaged used is in a sentence?
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How can environment be used in sentence?

pollution has damaged the environment around me

How do you use damaged in a sentence?

The car was damaged beyond repair.

Is She returned the computer after she noticed it was damaged a complex sentence?

Or is it a simple sentence?

Can you give exaple sentence with damaged?

A misspelled word could be said to be damaged, for exaple. I don't know how the package got damaged!

How do you use irreparably in a sentence?

"Their friendship was irreparably damaged."

What is the complete verb of this sentence. The entire shoreline had been damaged by a sudden and violent storm?

Had been damaged.

has vechile been wrecked?

It's supposed to be 'vehicle' And the answer the sentence 'The vehicle has been damaged

Will you give me a sentence using damaged?

The shipper damaged the package.The tornado damaged half the town.Though houses were damaged, residents vowed to rebuild.

Which verb is the correct one for this sentence this is the fourth time he ( damages -is damaging - has damaged -damaged ) my car?

The correct one would be HAS DAMAGED. It is because the speaker is saying after the car has been damaged.

What is a sentence using cathedral?

The cathedral was badly damaged by the earthquake

How do you fix the sentence '' even though the car backed in the wall it was not damaged '' into a vague pronoun?

A vague pronoun is a pronoun that lacks a clear antecedent.In the sentence, "Even though the car backed in the wall it was not damaged.", it's not clear which noun the pronoun 'it' represents. The car was not damaged or the wall was not damaged. The pronoun 'it' is the vague pronoun.The sentence must be revised to show which noun the pronoun 'it' replaces. Examples:The car was not damaged even though it backed into the wall.The wall was not damaged even though the car backed into it.

What is the conjunction in this sentence The house was damaged by the tornado but it could be repaired.?

The conjunction is "but."

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