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Feed = food I'm guessing...

It is digested in the same way as humans do - the digestive system extracts the vitamins and minerals from the food and then the unwanted waste gets... well, you know.

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Q: How is feed absorbed in an animals body?
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What animals that feed inside the body called what?


Why iron ix not absorbed in your body from apples?

Because human body does not have enzymes to breakdown the iron compound, for it to be absorbed into gastrointestinal tract. The animals do have those enzymes in their GI tract hence they obtain sufficient iron from the plants.

How do plants get nutrients from animals?

When the animal dies, it decaysand the nutrients from its body go back into the earth where they are absorbed by plants.

What organism feed on dead plant and animals and helps recycle?

Detritivores, Decomposers or saprotrophs(bacteria, fungi, and various types of worms) are organisms that feed on dead plants and animals and help recycle them by breaking them down into simpler molecules so that they can be absorbed by new plants.

What do tick eat?

Ticks feed off of warm blooded animals, sometimes humans. ticks also feed on reptiles and they are not warm blodded animals

What do animals do with their food once ingested?

Once the food is swallowed, it's digested and the useful material is absorbed by the body. The unusable material is excreted from the body.

Why do animals eat their own leavings?

Sometimes vitamins & minerals are not adequately absorbed by the body. When they pass through, animals will eat leavings to gain these nutrients their bodies are lacking.

What feeds off other animals?

There are many things that feed off of other animals. Animals feed off of other animals and we feed off of animals.

Why is scavenging an example of a eater-eaten relationship?

scavenging is an example of an eater-eaten relationship because animals who feed on the dead animals may be eaten by other live animals when they are dead....For Example; Vultures feed on dead animals but when the vulture is dead another live animal will feed on it and when that live animal becomes dead another animal will feed on its dead body and so on...

Why do we have to feed animals?

Simple answer If you don't feed the animals they will die.

What animals feed the young?

All animals feed their young.

Are humans a part of the food chain?

Yes of course, we feed on plants and animals both and our body is also subjected to feed several carnivores and microbes.