How is gold flower dispersed?

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How is sun flower seeds dispersed?

The sunflower seeds are dispersed by birds in Nature and by human being during cultivation.

Is there a flower or plant that starts with a x?

The answer is Xanthium. Its seeds are dispersed by wind.

How much gold is a toy flower and moondrop flower in harvest moon ds cute?

Toy Flower: 130 Gold Each Moondrop Flower: 60 Gold Each

Which flower is called as vegetable gold?

Saffron is called Vegetable Gold. It is actually a purple flower.

Which flower has gold in it?

The Goldenrod (Botanical name: Solidago) has gold in it.

How are flower seeds scattered?

Flower seeds can be dispersed through a number of ways including: animal, wind, water, fleshy fruits, insects, and stick tight methods.

What is the greek name for gold?

Xriso (as in "Chrysanthemum" - lit. "gold flower").

How do lily seeds get dispersed?

Lily seeds can be dispersed to other areas by birds dropping the seeds or the wind carrying the seeds away from the flower. Insects could also transplant the seeds to other places.

How are pollen dispersed?

Pollen is dispersed in several ways. Some plants are wind pollinated and the pollen for these is dispersed into the air (e.g. grasses) Some plants use insects (e.g. bees) to transmit their pollen form one flower to the next (e.g. lavender) Some plants use animals (e.g. bats) to transport pollen from one flower to the next (e.g. the Kapok tree) Some plants use birds (e.g. humming birds) to transport pollen from one flower to the next (e.g. the Hibiscus plant)

What is nebraskas state flower?

The state flower of Nebraska is the goldenrod. It is a yellowish gold, puffy looking flower. The goldenrod was declared the state flower in 1895.

How are pollen grains transferred from flower to flower?

Pollen can be dispersed by wind, gravity, animals and water. However the largest group responsible for pollination are insects.Plants can also undergo self-pollination if the flower fails to be pollinated by an external factor.

What do you call a Marie gold flower in Hindi?


How do you get squirtbottle in Pokemon shiny gold?

in the flower shop

Is a balsam plant fruit dispersed by animals if not then what is it dispersed by?

it is dispersed by animal waste It is dispersed by exploxion

How are angsana seeds dispersed?

By wind.

Which flower is also known as''flower of riches and honour among chinese?

My wife says Jinzhilan Jinzhi means gold Lan is flower

Why is the anther of a flower important to an insect?

Because anthers carry pollen, which is collected by pollinators for food. Some of it is dispersed to other flowers which are then fertilized.

How long does it take for the white trillium to grow?

It comes up after the snow melts and has a single white flower in April or May. Seeds are dispersed by ants.

How is kapok dispersed?

It is dispersed by wind

How is the sycamore dispersed?

it is dispersed by the wind

How is shorea dispersed?

it is dispersed by wind.

How are peas dispersed?

How are dandelions dispersed

How are berries dispersed?

they are dispersed by DIAREAH

How is papaya dispersed?

It is dispersed by animals

How is a guava dispersed?

Dispersed by animals