How is hydro power safe?

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Overall hydro power safe than fossil fuel systems and nuclear as the are are no site air emissions, no waste and no thermal degradation of water.
The creation of hydro power usually requires the diversion of the water at an existing waterfall or the creation of a reservoir. The diversion of a waterfall may not cause problems as the water is eventually released to the same water course. The hydro power reservoir with its associated dams is another case. These systems can:
  • be an impediment for spawning fish
  • flood ecosystems
  • result in methane losses from decomposing drowned vegetation
  • change the hydrodynamics of the lower reaches of rivers
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Why is hydro power better for the earth?

Hydro-power is the cleanest source of energy. It is powered by the force of flowing water which turns the generator to generate electricity. Considering the amount of CO2 released in the atmosphere and its consequential global warming effects, Hydro Power is considered safest, cleanliest and most fa ( Full Answer )

What are the uses of hydro electric power?

Hydro power is using the power of water (dams, rivers, oceans) to generate electricity. The uses of electricity are everywhere, powering factories, offices, homes, kitchens and living rooms.. To produce electricity.

What are some by-products of hydro power?

Answer . Dependence on regular rain fall which, as you know is a problem that will get worse with global warming. Google Atlanta Lake Lanier for a preview of what happens when it doesn't rain.

Why was hydro power invented?

Hydro power was invented because a clean renewable energy sourcewas needed. The world's supply of coal and oil are being used up,and those resources are not renewable.

What is Hydro power?

Hydro power is power generated by using the force of weight or motion of water. . What is hydroelectricity? . Hydroelectricity is a renewable energy source that uses the power of flowing water to spin water turbines which then generates electricity.. Hydro electricity is the result of using wat ( Full Answer )

Is hydro power widely accepted?

As far as I know yes, but if you had to move your house because of a dam being built you might not like it

How is hydro power being used?

Hydropower is used to make electricity, usually at dams.Hydroelectric power is a renewable energy source, with energycaptured from moving water.

How does hydro power work?

Hydro power works by flowing water pushing a water wheel that generates a power station to make power.

Is hydro power expensive?

Hydro power is expensive up front in a large scale but eventuallypays for itself. This is particularly true with hydroelectric damswhich power large areas.

How does Hydro-Electric Power Work?

it uses kinetic energy (energy from fast moving things) to powerhomes and countries. . +++ . I think the questioner had guessed that! More usefully,hydro-electric power uses water trapped by a dam to create aconstant, usually high, "head" above the turbines. The water ispiped through control-valve ( Full Answer )

Who invented the hydro power plant?

Lester A. Pelton is the person who invented the Pelton wheel whichled to the use of low-cost hydroelectric power. The world's firsthydro power plant was built by H.J. Rogers

What are the advantages of hydro-electric power?

Hydropower is a renewable energy source which can beenvironmentally neutral. Conventional hydropower (dams, diversion, pumped storage), regardedas clean energy sources, may be superseded by emerging hydropowertechnologies (current, tidal, wave, thermal inversion) which wouldhave minimal impact on t ( Full Answer )

What are the pros and cons of hydro power?

PROS: . Dams can store rain water or water directly from the river itself. Then, in case of a Drought, the dam will still have a relatively constant supply of water. . Producing Power. . Controls flooding & provides recreational activities such as boating fishing and swimming, if the lake is no ( Full Answer )

Does hydro power hurt the environment?

Contrary to popular belief, hydroelectric power can seriously damage the climate.. Hydroelectric dams produce significant amounts of carbon dioxide and methane, and in some cases produce more of these greenhouse gases than power plants running on fossil fuels. Carbon emissions vary from dam to dam. ( Full Answer )

How is hydro power renewable?

The energy from hydro-power actually comes from the Sun. The Sun heat the oceans which evaporate water into the air. This water forms clouds and the clouds produce rain, bringing the water down on the hills. Man dams the rivers flowing from the hills and generates hydroelectricity. Thus as long as t ( Full Answer )

How is hydro power obtained?

1.Water is collected at a certain height in huge reservoirs. 2.This water,which has lot of potential energy 3.The energy of falling water is used for generating electricity in hydro-electric power stations 4.In hydro-electric power plants turbines are used to convert the energy of falling wate ( Full Answer )

Bad things about hydro power?

there are bad thing like the fish migration because of the dams for the hydro power changing the environment and affecting land use, homes, and natural habitats in the dam area.

Pros and cons of hydro power?

Hydroelectric power plants don't exhaust pollutants into the air, and they output power at a relatively reliable rate (compared to solar or wind, especially). On the other hand, they drastically affect all ecosystems upstream of the dam, and are much more environmentally destructive than nuclear pow ( Full Answer )

Where in the world is hydro power used?

Hydro is used all over the world. It may not be used in areas we know but hydro is being used in every major city. It is not used in the countries of which cannot afford it but in all most every part of the world hydro is being used

How is hydro-power distributed to consumers?

Power is distributed through what is called the grid. The grid is a system of transmissions lines that all major power sources are connected to. This allows us to send power throughout the USA. The downside is that this grid is terribly power hungry. It consumes tons of power that we could save if p ( Full Answer )

How is hydro power energy gathered?

The energy we can get from the movement of water or from the forceof water flow is called hydropower. It produces electricity as itflows towards a turbine, spinning the turbine and activating thegenerator.

How much is hydro power generated?

When Britney Spears decides to get a coffee and the Chipmunks go to Candy Mountain with Charlie the Unicorn.

Is hydro power environmentally friendly?

Yes, and no.While it does not give off any emissions, it creates a tremendous problem with the environment of the river from which it is harvesting power. For example, a dam and turbine stop salmon from going up the river to spawn every year, hence greatly decreasing salmon populations. So in some w ( Full Answer )

How is hydro electric power made?

By turning potential energy into kinetic energy. Water is a liquid.Water has weight. If there is a bunch of water on one side of anobject...let's say......a dam, and none on the other, the weight ofthe water will try to equalize itself. If you have a bucket ofwater and poke a hole in the side, this ( Full Answer )

How can hydro power be conserved?

Well. There are two answers. The first is that it can't be. Not perfectly anyway, because nothing is 100% efficient. The question you were probably asking is how can it be stored. That ones easier. The potential energy of the water is stored in a reservoir, behind a dam. During off peak hours wa ( Full Answer )

Was hydro-power used in 1900?

The reason that there are so many towns in the Piedmont of the Appalachian mountains is because the mills that relied upon the water falls. Hydro-electric maybe not but hydro-power, yes.

How is hydro power produced?

Hydroelectric power is produced when water is dammed or concentrated to one point: turbines. The turbines spin as the rushing water speeds down the pipes or dam. As the turbines spin, they also turn a generator which needs movement to provide energy. The electricity produced by a generator is then t ( Full Answer )

What is the efficiency of hydro power dams?

So long as there is enough water ruining into them they can supply power without having to burn fuel. So the expense after the initial construction of the dam and generating equipment is down to maintenance. as well as getting a controlled supply of water.

What is a challenge of hydro-power?

One challenge for hydroelectric energy is the compromise of generating electricity while no one below the dam needs the water.

Why is it bad about hydro electric power?

The dams that are built in order to generate hydroelectric power also cause massive flooding of the region behind the dam. New lakes are created where there used to be only a river. Changing the pattern of water flow can also cause problems with silt deposits, with fish migratory patterns, or other ( Full Answer )

What is a hydro-electric power plant?

A hydroelectric plant uses water to make electricity. Water flows through turbines (wheels) that spin with the flow of the water. The power in the spinning wheels is channeled to give people electricity.

Where can you find hydro power?

Hydropower, hydraulic power or water power is power that is derived from the force or energy of moving water, which may be harnessed for useful purposes. The first hydroplant was made by the Whestinghouse corporation on basis of the ac developments from Nikola Tesla in the Niagara Falls. Prior to th ( Full Answer )

What is hydro power plant reservoir?

it is energy regeneration power plant in which water is used to generate power.water is moving on turbine and then turbine moves so energy stored in the resrvoir yhat is called as hydro power plant reservoir.

How does hydro power create energy?

hydroelectricity (or hydro power) is created using a dam. as water flows through the dam it turns a turbine. the turbine spins a coil in-between the north and south poles of a magnet. this produces a electrical current.

What is hydro power statIon?

hydro power has been with humanity for a long time. energy in a rushing river is captured through a wheel as water wheels

Does hydro power effect the environment?

Building the plant can have a hefty negative impact (it requires a huge dam), but once up and running there's very little further impact.

How is hydro-power electric used?

In the same way any other source of electricity is used. It is usually fed into the grid to feed the electrical needs of homes and industry.

How does Hydro electrical power work?

Hydropower or water power is power derived from the energy of falling water, which may be harnessed for useful purposes. Since ancient times, hydropower has been used forirrigation and the operation of various mechanical devices, such as watermills, sawmills, textile mills, dock cranes, and domes ( Full Answer )

Is Hydro electrical power renewable?

Yes. Its water so when it is sunny water evaporates from the e.g. lake to the clouds and when it rains it comes back. Did you know that Las Vegas Casinos are powered by Hydro power from the lake next to it. :)

Are there simulators for hydro power?

There are models that are made to test different situations. Dams, wave motion and tidal motion are all forms of hydro electricity.

What is a hydro electric power dam?

A dam is a wall that holds back water on one side. Such a dam canbe made to release this water though a pipe into which a propelleris fitted. As the water flows down the pipe, this spins thepropeller, which in turn spins a dynamo that generates electricity.As the source of electricity is water power ( Full Answer )