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Overall hydro power safe than fossil fuel systems and nuclear as the are are no site air emissions, no waste and no thermal degradation of water.

The creation of hydro power usually requires the diversion of the water at an existing waterfall or the creation of a reservoir. The diversion of a waterfall may not cause problems as the water is eventually released to the same water course. The hydro power reservoir with its associated dams is another case. These systems can:

  • be an impediment for spawning fish
  • flood ecosystems
  • result in methane losses from decomposing drowned vegetation
  • change the hydrodynamics of the lower reaches of rivers
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Q: How is hydro power safe?
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What is hydro power plant?

A hydro power plant is a 'factory' where electricity is produced from the power of water.

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Hydro power is used mainly to produce electricity .That happens in hydro power plants

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Yes, hydro come from the Greek word for water, and wave power is classed as hydro power. Other kinds of hydro power are produced from the movement of water through dams, tides and rivers.

Is a windmill considered hydro power?

No. Hydro power is power from running water driving a turbine and a generator.

What are antonyms of hydro power?

Hydro power means powered by water. Solar power would be an antonym.

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hydro = water

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hydro power is an energy due to the flowing of water and then used for electicity.

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Dams can be used to produce hydro electric power

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Yes. Hydro power stations are in the middle of countries

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Hydraulic, Hydro-power

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