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It's not necessarily a fact that small families are the best, but the fact that raising just one child is extremely expensive. There is the hospital bill, one must have good medical/dental (very expensive) for those toothaches, possible braces, fevers, scrapes, childhood diseases, not to mention the many shots children get during their younger years. There is clothing, food, a good home to live in, education and other hidden costs. Your child is better adjusted if they (a boy) are put into a sport at the age of 5 or 6, or if it's a girl, into dancing, etc., to keeping them off the streets and also give them insight as to what the future can hold for them. It costs many thousands of dollars to raise one child, and I use to know the stats on it, but it has since changed. If a family can afford more than 2 children (good to have sibling) then they should go for it. I have known families during the 50s to 70s where there were 5 - 8 kids in a family and they were all well adjusted kids, not to mention the oldest child always ends up helping mom and pop out. Large families can be fun, but if you can't afford it this can cause a great deal of pressure on the parents and either shorten their life span or end in divorce. To have a large family you have to be well organized. If you are interested, please rent the DVD of "Cheaper By The Dozen" the first version has Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball in it and together they have 11 children and she had another one when they were married. It's quite a hoot this movie and is a true story. It will give you some insight into how chaotic life can be with a large family and make you realize there are a lot of things you just never thought of while raising a large family. If one can afford it and both partners want a large family by all means, they should go for it. If you can't afford it 1 - 3 children is plenty. Marcy

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Q: How is it better to have a small family?
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Why large family is better than small family?

A large family & a small family both have certain quanities that make them each better than each other but a big family would be better than a small family because u would never get lonely & always have somebody to talk to.

Is a big family better than a small one and why?

Big family, small family, it doesn't matter. As long as the family loves one another and will be there for each other. :))

Is it better to live in a big or in a small family?

it doesn't matter both of them are good. its you decision on whether you want to be in a large or small family.

Is small family better than big family?

Yes,because you can do your responsibility good and better. Less pollution and you can handle your budget wisely s

Why small family is better than a big family?

because its a lot easier to handle. less kids less problems.

Is it better to grow up in a small family as opposed to a large family?

Yes,is beter to have a small family,the large family is fat ,and you don t most have a ninja family ,a sumo family and apetite family ,when you have one from these family s that means that you dont carefor them,you ignore them,feeding them to much,or not feeding them enough.

What is better a small town or a city?

It depends on what you mean by better, although I assume you mean which is a better place to live. For a family, a better place would be a small town, most likely in the suburbs of a city. Suburbs are family-friendly places and you associate closely with the community. Suburbs are usually safer than cities as well.

What is small family?

A small family is usually in reference to the amount of people in a family. For example, a wife and husband can be considered a small family.

Why do large farms do better than small family farms?

not neccesarily it depend on the way you manage your farm

What is different between single family and joint family?

joint family are big family. but single family are small. I think that small famliy are good.In small family there is no problem.and all work do in our choice.

Small family is better than big family?

That would depend on your preference and resources to be able to take care of a big family. Each has it's good and bad points. A small family can be limiting in the support and association you want to be around, whereas a larger family will provide the support and association that comes with knowing other people.

Is family guy better or is simpsons better?

family guy

Is a wedding chapel a better setting for a small family wedding than a large church?

Whether or not a wedding chapel is a better setting for a small family wedding than a large church is really a matter of preference. Chapel weddings tend more cozy and casual than large church weddings.

Is it better to set up a family farm as a corporation or co-op in the US?

A LLC is better for a small farm with the deductions without the problems of a co-op or a corporation.

What the difference between a large family and small family?

The difference between a large family and a small family is the amount of people that are in the family. This can be defined by an immediate family or with the extended family included.

Why a small family is better than a big family?

I would say because a smaller family would be easier on the budget. In this day and age, smaller families are becoming more common as the price of living increases.

Why are small families better than big?

There is no indication that small families are better than big families. It is the quality of time; fun; good communication skills; loyalty; praise; etc., that makes a family and not how many children are in the home.

What is better friends or family?

Well who do you love more, your friends or your family. Personally I love my friends better, my family sucks.

For a small family are Mini Vans a better option than a crossover SUV?

The difference between a mini van or an crossover SUV is definitely what your personal preference is. The mini van does offer more room and might be a better choice especially if you have small children.

When was Oru Small Family created?

Oru Small Family was created on 2010-11-26.

What is the family life of Uganda?

The kind of family life style in uganda is pretty rough. Warm weather. Small houses. Not good, but that was back then. Today they are doing a bit better now a days.

How is joint family better than single family?

because in join family unity are there and family member can help you and your family is better than the friends because friend come and go

Is family girl better than family guy?

There is no television programme known at this time called "Family Girl". FAMILY GUY IS WAYYYYY BETTER THAN FAMILY GIRL DUHHHH!!! lol

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Small cars are better because big cars are to heavy

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Broken and united family. Small and Big family. Happy and Sad family.