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because Mercury cant trap heat because it has no atmosphere

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Q: How is it possible for Mercury to have frozen ice?
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How is it possible for mercury to have a frozen planet?

It is not possible: Mercury does not have a frozen planet.

Does mercury have any bodies of water?

The answer is no, but it does have frozen ice

Is it possible for ice cream to never melt?

If kept frozen.

Dose mercury have frozen ice poles?

No, however there is some indirect evidence of Ice on the bottom of craters on its north pole. It was discovered via radar observations. Ice is one of the few materials that are very radar reflective when frozen, and it was discovered that Mercury has very reflective matter in its northern craters.

Which planet contains frozen ice caps and oceans?

Two planets have frozen ice caps: Earth and Mars. In November 2012 scientists found evidence of ice on the poles of Mercury. However, only the Earth has oceans.

What do frozen cows do?

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What is colder melting ice or frozen ice?

Frozen ice

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Ice crystals may form in beef when it's frozen but they do not make it more tender. In fact, the ice crystals may be an indication that it is frostbitten, and it will not be as tender as it should be. Food should be wrapped as tightly as possible, with as little air as possible.

What is dry snow?

frozen snow is ice frozen snow is ice

What is frozen water called?

Frozen water is called ice.

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Can an ice Pokemon become frozen?

Ice-type Pokémon cannot be frozen by Ice-type moves; however, they can be frozen by Tri Attack.

Where was water found on the planet mercury?

Water was found on Mercury near its north pole. The water was found as ice frozen in the bottom of several craters, where sunlight cannot evaporate it.

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You need to have the salt in the ice around the chamber to ensure that the ice will stay as frozen as possible when freezing the ice cream. ;)

Are dry ice and ordinary ice same?

No. Ordinary ice is frozen water; dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide.

How is sea ice different to freshwater ice?

Sea ice contains frozen minerals, such as salt, that is not frozen into freshwater ice.

Are dry ice and normal ice the same?

No. Normal ice is frozen water. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide.

Are ice shelves frozen to the sea bed?

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What are ice chips?

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How is it possible that the Moon could have some water ice today?

Ice brought by comet impacts may be frozen in craters near the Moon's poles.

What does Mercury look like when it is frozen?

When frozen mercury looks like an ordinary silver-colored metal. Because frozen mercury is very cold layer of frost may form on it when it is exposed to air.

What frozen dessert melts the slowest ice cream or frozen yogurt?

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Is the freezing of mercury a reversible or irreversible change?

It's reversible. When you raise the temperature of frozen mercury, it 'melts' back into liquid form (just like ice melts back into water when you warm it).

Can all liquids be frozen?

NO, for example Mercury can not be frozen Really? Got a reference for that one? ANYTHING can be frozen if it is cold enough. Mercury, a metal that is molten at room temperatures, solidifies -- freezes solid -- at -38F. Commonly available "dry ice" at -109.3F, does the job easily. It's a common grade school science class demonstration.

Why does ice shrink when it freezes?

Ice does not shrink when it is frozen because it is already frozen. Water expands when it freezes to create ice.