Snow and Ice

How is it possible for ice to flow?

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Compacted ice or glaciers glide under the effect of gravity to the lower potential energy zone.

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What is moving ice?

An ice flow which can be in the sea

Is it possible to flow current wireless?

No it is not possible to flow current wireless.

What is Drifting ice?

Could be an iceberg, or an ice flow.

What do you call a sheet of ice on the ocean?

An ice flow, ice float or drift ice

How will heat flow if an ice cube is dropped in boiling water?

Heat will flow from the boiling water into the ice cube.

What will be the flow of heat when you drop a block of ice in boiling water?

The heat will flow from the boiling water to the block of ice.

What is an ice flow?

Ice that has been traveled all over the world

What are ice sheets?

They are enormous masses of ice that flow in all directions.

Why does plastic flow only occur below 50 meters of ice?

It takes the weight of that much ice to cause the plastic flow.

How do you use word flow in a sentence?

There was no flow to the speech, it was disjointed. The flow of the river had been stopped by the ice.

Do solids like ice flow?

Any material can flow under stress.

What is a floating sheet of ice called?

The answer is "floe."flow in all direcions

When you hold a piece of ice in your handin which direction does heat energy folw?

Heat energy would flow from the hand to the ice, unless the hand is colder than the ice, in which case the heat energy would flow from the ice to the hand.

Is it possible to break the ice in animal jam?

No, it is not possible to Break the ice in Animal jam, People Say it is POSSIBLE to But no, its not, Dont believe peopel saying "ITS POSSIBLE TO BREAK THE ICE!! WATCH IT WILL BREAK!!!!!!!!!!"

How does heat flow when you put an ice cube on your hand?

It flows, by conduction, from your hand to the ice cube.

Why do you feel cold when you hold a piece of ice in your hand?

Because of the flow of heat from your hand to the ice.

On clubpenguin is it possible to break the ice berg?

It is possible to break the ice-burg but you need alot of people there!From kittycat6983

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