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Each Network Interface Card (NIC) has its own machine level address, called a MAC address which is assigned and programmed into it during manufacture. This is different from the IP address, which can be changed.

A NIC is a special hardware card that handles the sending and receiving data computer network.

The address that identifies a NIC is called the Media Access Control (MAC) address. A MAC address identifies a specific physical device and never changes for the life of the NIC. Two NICs never have the same MAC address (unless some manufacturer screws up royally [which has happened]). Because your NIC's MAC address is permanent, it's often referred to as the "real," or physical, address of a computer.

Two get two cards working just install them and their drivers. If they are both identical, they can use the same driver set.

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Q: How is it possible for two network cards to work on the same computer?
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Is it possible for two network cards to have the same MAC address?

NO, its not possible to have same MAC addresses for two different network cards. because MAC address is a unique part of the recognition of the network card and it is also called as PHYSICAL address of your PC. There is possibility of 2 network cards with same MAC address by 3rd party MAC spoofing techniques.........

Are network cards the same as lan cards?

Yes, there are.

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What distinguishes a network computer from a stand-alone personal computer with the same performance?

The network computer has access to more data.

Can you have a linksys and dlink network card installed on the same computer running vista?

Yes, you can but you might have a problem when you are using two network cards in same time if they are both connected to internet, and sometimes when only one connected to internet and another one just to a local network.

What is a computer network limited to the same building?

It is a LAN (Local Area Network).

What is global information distribution network?

A global information distribution network is any computer that has Internet reception. Satellites orbiting the earth make this possible. A person in China can have the same information at the same time as a person in the United States.

What command can tell you if two computer on the same network have the same computre name?

netview \\computer name

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If the two computers are on the same network, you can enable sharing on the network on both computers and go get them over the network

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It is possible and easy to connect them all to the same network. Just choose the network that you are interested in forming at network settings.

What is the function of CSMA on a wireless Ethernet network?

It is prevent all connected network cards sending at the same time.

Which adapter connects a computer to a network using a network cable?

Generally, if we are speaking of the same kind of "network cable" and there is not a component to the question which I am misunderstanding, an adapter is not necessary to simply plug a computer into a network. There is typically a dedicated port for this on the computer itself.

Is it possible to have more than one network protocol installed on the same network?


Is it possible network a Mac and Windows PC together on the same LAN network?


What are computer network and its application?

A computer network is a group of computers that share the same internet connection. A network can also be set up with computers that share a printer or other devices.

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Noun A network protocol that allows a user on one computer to log on to another computer that is part of the same network.

What is used to determine whether a remote computer is on the same network or a remote network?

subnet mask

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The use of a network cable for a computer is to provide a number of computer the same function. This provide the ability to connect with many printers and fax machines.

Do you need to port forward to a computer on the same network?

No you don't

What is used to identify whether a remote computer is on the same network or a remote network?

check the ip of the remote computer and yours, use ipconfig command

What command is it if two computers on the same network have the same computer name?

uh huh

In which network does each computer on the network has the same authority as the other computers?

Peer To Peer Network, A+ Guide To Hardware, page 466

How network printers works?

A network printer is a USB printer connected to the network, and any computer connected to the same network can see and send data to the network printer. Using a single network printer means that each computer doesn't need to have their own printer.

When a computer has multiple network connections do the connections share the same active network location file?

No they don't.

Is it possible to change network and keep the same number?